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Valentines Day Gift Ideas

05 | 02 | 2019

The time is upon us to show our significant other what they mean to us by lavishing them with gifts and heart-shaped confectionary. Woo.

I mean to be honest girls, if you’ve managed to hold down a partner without being ghosted, left on read or cheated on, then that’s an achievement in itself and reason enough to celebrate!

But let’s not be bitter – let’s be better than our Instagram followers and get the best gifts out there to make them jealous. And we can help you do just that.

heart love Sticker by Smarties



Personalised Love Hearts

Personalised stuff is always fun. And what better way then to rebrand the iconic lovers sweet, Love Hearts. Buy them here.

But make sure you get them something else too, you cheapskate.



Art Attack

Edge up their living space with a piece of art that could transform their space and bring the room to life. Dog-eared posters blu-tacked to the wall are a massive no. Get a framed piece and show them how it’s done. And if you’re stuck for what they would like just get a huge picture of your face blown up because obviously, they will love that.


Image result for wall art


Plant Life

Sticking on the interiors theme, a house plant is a GREAT gift. Benefits of a plant include reducing carbon dioxide levels, reducing dust levels, keeping air temperature down, reducing certain air pollutants and so on and on but most important they look good. Go green for bae and slay your valentines this year.


Image result for patch plants


Instant Camera

If you want to splash the cash and make memories at the same time invest in a cute instant camera! Imagine all the great snaps you can take together. And then you can stick them all over their room and make them carry pics of you around at ALL times.

BuyFujifilm Instax Mini 70 Instant Camera With 10 Shots Of Film, Selfi Mode, Built-In Flash & Hand Strap, Rose Gold Online at


Use Protection

Everyone has a smartphone. Everyone needs a cover.

Accessories: Phone Cases Off-White Cover Quote iPhone X Case


Don’t have a bae? You lucky thing.

Why would you want to waste money on someone else when you can spend it on yourself? You have to date yourself for the rest of your life so might as well be nice to yourself.

Grab your girl gang and enjoy the stress-free single life Image result for peace emoji


Image result for plt karl kani collection 2019



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Happy Valentines xo

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