Vegan Beauty Products We Love

09 | 08 | 2018

Animals are life, right? We feel ya girl. That’s why vegan is in and that includes everything right down to your daily beauty regime. There are so many vegan beauty products that you probably didn’t even know were vegan in the first place!

Vegan Beauty Products We Love

So we’ve rounded up with our fave V approved products that you need right now. Do your bit Find some of your vegan beauty heroes right here.


For Self Tanning


The whole Isle of Paradise range is for vegan lovers but this happy tan does exactly what it says on the tin.



Yet another animal free brand that’s gonna leave you looking bronzed AF. This Fox Tan Caramel Kiss is perfect for days around the pool to ensure you’re getting a glowy vibe.


For Your Eyes


Lashes are the ultimate essential to any ‘going out’ look and these faux mink lashes from┬áLand of Lashes are everything you need to say “Hell No” to animal cruelty.



This Kandi eyeshadow palette is 21 shades of Vegan goodness. If these shades aren’t for you, they have loads of other shades for all kinds of looks.


For Your Face & Lips


Created with all natural products, this calm balm by Skin & Tonic London will leave you feeling stress-free and super soft.



Moisturise and prime those smackers with this essential lip scrub. It’s so natural, even the tube is biodegradable.


For Body & Skin


Hydrating the skin with Nip + Fab feels so much better knowing the products are cruelty-free.



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