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Ways To Instantly Feel Good

23 | 04 | 2019

Ok, we know a lot of factors revolving around your personal may seem out of your control. But there are some simple things you can do for yourself to feel instantly that little bit better.

Ways To Instantly Feel Good

Whether you’re looking to practise that all important and seriously topical self-love or just lift your mood to get you out of a funk, we could all use a few pointers to get us feeling instantly good.


Meet or call up your happiest friend. We’ve all got that one bestie who’s full of wisdom and nothing but good vibes who always knows the right advice to give. Call her up now.



Sing along or dance to your favourite music video. Crank up the volume, draw the blinds and act like your making your debut.



Cook yourself a nice meal. Taking the time to think about what you want to eat, carefully select ingredients and prepare a wholesome dinner for yourself will help you really appreciate what you’re putting into your body.



Text all of your closest friends telling them the thing you love most about them. Be that person.



Marie Kondo your space. It’s safe to assume you have a whole load of stuff in your life you dont need. Get strict with yourself and have a deep clean out. The minimalist life is in.



Walk a dog. Whether you borrow a friends or a neighbours get out there and make this happen. Their cuteness, endless energy and the general outdoors will instantly lift your mood.



Exercise. Ok, we know this is not everyone’s go-to fave but you cannot deny those feel-good endorphins after you’ve smashed a circuit are worth it.



Take a long bath. Grab a book, candles, a glass of wine – whatever you need. This is your place to zone out and relax.


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