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Why Being Dumped Can Be Good For You

11 | 02 | 2020

Love is most certainly not in the air for you, is it?

All the boo’d up couples are getting ready for Valentine’s Day and you’re planning your Netflix binge and have your local Chinese on speed dial.


Why Being Dumped Can Be Good For You

Don’t be such a cliche, hun. Let’s remember why being dumped can actually be good for you.

You’ve got this.


#1 Routine doesn’t mean it’s good

Just because you’re in a set rhythm and comfortable doesn’t mean it’s actually a good relationship.

Don’t forget who you were when you were single.

Something has obviously gone amiss in the relationship so this time out should help you get back to your old self.

Life isn’t about coasting along. This could be the incentive you need to go travel, get a new job or move away.

They might have just given you the push (literally) that you needed.


#2 Reconnect

When you have a partner you tend to have less time for family and friends.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, you just want to spend time with your new-found love.

Now you’ll have plenty of time to get back in touch and really spend time with these people, who will always be by your side.

Unlike that scumbag that left you high and dry.


#3. Fresh Start

Relationships shine a spotlight into our characters like nothing else.

You’ll learn a lot about yourself (downfalls and positives) and about others. Especially about what you do and do not like.

This experience will help you in the future when you come to move on. You’ll have a much better idea of what works for you and what your boundaries are.


#4. Sympathy

You’ll have a deeper understanding and experience of what it is like to be heartbroken.

Therefore, you’ll know how it feels and will be better at handling relationships in the future.

Everyone has to get dumped at least once. Even you, Princess.


#5. Dating can be fun

The dating game is fast and fun and you’ll be spoilt for choice – when the time is right.

Swipe, swipe, swipe!


#6. Boy, Bye

Ultimately, if that person didn’t see your potential it doesn’t mean others won’t.

Their decision is not a reflection of your shortcomings. So get yourself in check!

You’re doing great, sweetie.



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