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Your June Horoscope 2024

28 | 05 | 2024
Gemini Horoscope


Your PrettyLittleThing horoscope for June 2024 has arrived!

Gemini season, we see you.


Star Sign Dates

21st May – 21st June


2024 Horoscope

Summer looks good on you, Gemini.

Booked and busy is the vibe right now and we predict June to be your best month yet.

Say yes to ALL the plans, who knows what they could lead to?



Air sign, making you adventurous, curious and ever-changing.

Both Libra and Aquarius also belong to the air element, so you’re in good company.


Gemini Traits

Lives for the thrill of it.

Serious social butterfly.

Speaks fluent sarcasm.

A new outfit is always necessary.

Molly Mae

Never to be underestimated.


Booked and busy.


The ultimate cheerleader for their besties.


Changes their mind every two seconds. 




Simply dreamy!

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Your fellow air signs (Aquarius and Libra) are the ultimate match for both friendship and romantic relationships.

That said, fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) can also align well due to their electric energy.


How To Celebrate Gemini Season?

Make the most vacay season!

We’re thinking lazy days by the pool, cocktail in hand. It’s giving birthday goals.

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PLT Words Of Wisdom

I don’t chase, I attract.

Whatever belongs to me will simply find me.


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