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Your March Horoscope

27 | 02 | 2020

Get the lowdown on the latest astrological happenings this month. Mercury is in retrograde so that totally explains why we aren’t getting texts back.

Well, it doesn’t. Maybe he’s just a plank.

Hopefully, the below will give you more insight into what to expect as we enter spring (finally!).


Your March Horoscope




Get ready to celebrate yourself and enjoy what this month brings.

You’ve got ambitious energy flowing through you this month, Aries.

Manifest this into projects you’ve had in mind and reap the rewards.

Your financial situation prospers from the 4th so it’s the perfect time to invest in a birthday treat.

You may find yourself thinking about life and milestones at the end of the month. Use this time to reflect and refocus.



Feeling flirty, Taurus?

Venus enters your sign from the 4th and you’ll be feeling sexy and carefree.

A much-needed relief from a stagnant February, eh? Enjoy this time, you deserve it.

Mercury being in retrograde also means you might have a tougher time at work though and feel a bit overwhelmed. Ride the wave and know that hard work always pays off.

Don’t shy away from a challenge, that’s not you at all!



Been stacking up that coin, Gemini?

You’ve been putting in that work and the office knows it.

Don’t forget to focus on your home life too.

Get your domestic life back to bliss and spend time with family and friends around the 9th. You’ll feel so much better for it.

Later in the month get ready to amp up the social calendar.

Open yourself up to meeting new people and accepting invites. In no time you will be forging new friendships and making new acquaintances.



Feeling a bit UGH WHY ME, Cancer?

We’ve all been there, sis.

Mercury retrograde mixed with Mars camping out in your relationship zone means you might be feeling fragile at the start of this month.

By mid-month you’ll be feeling more optimistic and find yourself indulging in new hobbies and activities so keep going, it gets better.

The 24th will see you taking stock of your career so far and where you see yourself in the not to distant future.



How are you really feeling, Leo?

Now the new year hype is well and truly over, it’s time to start thinking about what’s next.

If you’re in a relationship you might find yourself asking if you’re putting loads in but not getting much back?

Time, money and care are major investments, so you want to feel like you’re putting the effort into something that will offer a return.

If you’re single, you’ll be looking to make moves in this area. You’re feeling serious, so a fling just won’t cut it. You’re in this for the long haul.

No drastic action please. Just take the time to think about your next move wisely.



Feeling yourself this month, Virgo?

By the 9th you’ll be feeling like you’re on track in life and deserving of some recognition.

Take note on who steps up and supports your journey and more importantly, who doesn’t.

Get the recognition you deserve and don’t let people get away with shortchanging you.

Relationships take a positive turn, and everything will just seem that little bit easier compared to last month.

You’re making major moves this month and we’re so here for it.



Self-care is the key, Libra.

Life will be busy this month so get that sleep, exercise and drink water for optimum wellness.

This health haul will have you feeling more confident and grounded and you might even start to view and present yourself differently.

Dedicating time to look after yourself builds self-validation and will have you feeling fulfilled throughout the month.

Don’t let others opinions of you this month weigh you down as they have previously.

Face and hair mask at the ready? Tick.



Feeling homely, Scorpio?

This month your focus is all about comfort, and how to achieve it.

What is your current home situation? Can you change and improve it? Make sure it works for you.

Home is not only where you reside. It’s your friends, family and places you socialise. Make sure these fulfil you still as they once did.

Leaving people behind who have a negative impact on you is a great start.

Keep your wellness routine on lock and look after yourself. It will see you through this month well.



Work and play are 50/50 this month, Sagittarius.

Step up at work and get noticed by putting yourself forward for opportunities. This is your time to get that promotion so make it happen and let people see what you can do.

Don’t let the spotlight make you lose your edge. Put the same effort in you always do and it’ll work out.

Your carefree attitude later in the month will be infectious and super fun. Make plans and go out and enjoy this much needed time out.

You can never have too much fun!



Looking for a sign, Capricorn?

Saturn has been in your sign for over 2 years now and it’s been a time of major change.

You’ve reset your life values and hashed out a whole new identity, perhaps without even realising you’re doing it.

The 21st signals change as Saturn leaves and with it brings the opportunity to refocus.

Think about where your energy is invested and if the right friends and family are benefiting from it.



It’s time for a change, Aquarius.

Saturn enters your sign for two and a half years and with it comes change.

This period will see you question your identity, views and opinions. Fundamentally who you are as a person will be under your own spotlight.

Don’t worry, no one expects you to have the answers right now.

But think about how you can challenge yourself and work on being the best you.

Self-improvement is the keyword for you this month.



Feeling the love, Pisces?

You’ll be feeling the Birthday warmth from your faves and this energy will carry you into this month.

Hopefully these good vibes will help you learn how to appreciate yourself more.

Mercury retrograde might have you feeling a little chaotic for the first half of this month.

Keep grounded and keep going. You’ll seen find yourself back on track.

If you feel like your mind is full of thoughts and ideas consider writing it all down to clear some space.

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