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Your October Horoscope

02 | 10 | 2019

Halloween is around the corner, so avoid any scary suprises and peep the latest happenings in your sign below.

It’s set to be a dramatic month with Scorpio season starting October 21st.

Hold on to your wigs!




You’ll be a social superstar this month, Virgo.

It’s the perfect time to make connections and focus on expanding your horizons.

If you’ve been thinking of doing a course or learning a new skill, now is a perfect time.

Keep an eye on finances and don’t blow the budget too quick.

A fun-packed month ahead!



Relationships are the key focus this month.

Use your energy to solidify your key relationships and invest your time in them wisely.

Make sure these people fuel you in all the right ways.

Alternatively, if you’re not getting what you need from a relationship consider your options and make the tough decision on what to do next.

A relationship refresh ahead of the new year?



Self-care is the key phrase this month.

You’ll no doubt have a busy calendar but ensure you’re taking care of yourself and being proactive in doing so.

Don’t be afraid of getting help from those closest to you – they just want to make life a little easier for you.

Keep yourself open-minded to making new connections.



Balance is key this month, Gemini.

Life, work and relationships can be all-consuming and sometimes you might want to bury your head in the sand.

How can you better handle things instead of avoiding them?

Toxic relationships could reach a breaking point, and it won’t be a loss.



The perfect time for some self-reflection.

A busy time of year approaches so treat this as the calm before the storm.

Ensure you’ve a comforting space you can unwind in and get away from it all.

You’ll feel much calmer and ready to take on the world once more.

Just let everyone know you’re on a time out and it’s not personal.

By the time Halloween rolls around you’ll be ready to party.



Relationships and adventure are the focus of this month and you’re in for a treat.

Coupled up Cancers can seek to rekindle a spark in the relationship that will pay off.

If you’re single, make sure you get out there and radiate your good mood.

Stand your ground at work or in your personal life and let people know your boundaries.



You’ve got money on your mind this month and you’re looking to bank those pennies.

Promotion at work? Better job? Push hard and reap the rewards. You know what you deserve.

Relationships may fizzle but your self-esteem will improve in the long run.

You’re the heartbreaker of the zodiac but you might find yourself craving a real connection with someone.

Get out there!




Happy Birthday, Scorpio!

Learn to appreciate yourself and show yourself some love.

In doing so, others around you will gravitate to your new-found confidence. You’ve never been afraid to say what you feel and it’ll serve you well this month.

Be good to yourself by only investing energy into people that deserve it.

Rest up too, it’s a busy month and it’s your time to celebrate but you can only do that if you’re relaxed.

By the end of the month exercise caution. Don’t text the ex. Don’t make bold decisions on a whim.

Don’t fret – just make sure you think things through and do what’s best for you.



It’s all about recharging this month. And you’re not mad about it.

You’ll appreciate the extra sleep and downtime.

Trust your intuition as it will be razor-sharp this month. Be open and honest in your communication so you’re not misunderstood.

By the 27th you’ll be feeling confident at work and ready to share your bold ideas.

You’ll be charming and magnetic – use it to your advantage.



Your career takes the front seat this month but doesn’t get too fixated on where you think you should be at. Move at your own pace.

You’re where you need to be and this month that’ll become clear.

Make time to enjoy your friends and socialise. Remind yourself you’re loved!

In a romantic sense. you’ll know when the time is right. Don’t be pushed into anything you aren’t sure about.



You’re feeling ambitious this month and it shows.

You’ll be smashing goals and moving forward with what’s important to you.

You might not realise you’re doing it, but once you release yourself from limiting thoughts you’ll bound forward.

Later in the month, you might find yourself feeling emotional.

Ride the wave and you might even become an evolved version of yourself.

An exciting month ahead!




 Throw out the rulebook this month and go hard for what you want.

You’ll want to explore and try new things and new people – you’ll learn a lot along the way.

Keep yourself open to opportunities.

Is your current relationship working for you? Change doesn’t necessarily mean the end.

Make sure you’re getting out of it what you need.

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