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10 Things Every Bridesmaid Knows To Be True

03 | 05 | 2017

Your fave girl getting hitched? From handling Bridezilla moments and meltdowns to the panic of what to wear, get prepared with everything to expect from your new duty with 10 things every bridesmaid babe knows to be true…

#1 – Better get savin’ for that Hen Do, hella lit nights don’t come cheap and you wanna be able to spoil the Bride. And no, we aren’t just talking about those tacky Hen Do packs with sashes and you-know-what shaped errrythang in them.


#2 – You will at some point consider starting a #NoBridesmaids movement. Stressed out bridesmaids unite – we’ll drink to that!

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#3 – Bridezillas are bad but bridechillas are worse. Girl. Just. Make. A. Decision. ALREADY.


#4 – You’ll wonder if you can bring a dog as your +1. Honestly, if this was our wedding, we’d be all for it. Maybe check with yo’ BFF though..


#5 – You’ll probably be expected to do a speech and let’s be honest, there’s kind of a lot of NSFW (not safe for weddings) stuff you probs shouldn’t mention..

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#6 – The inevitable dress stress. Don’t wanna shell out for a surprisingly expensive pastel nightmare you’ll never wear again? Girl, we got you covered.


#7 – Buying yourself stupidly high shoes and reminding yourself: don’t fall over, don’t fall over, don’t fa..

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#8 – You will more than likely have to put up with a bridesmaid who, let’s just say, isn’t your fave person. You gotta grin and bear it for your gal though – the only drama allowed at the wedding is bride-related drama.


#9 –You gotta take the responsibility upon yourself to keep all other Bridesmaids away from that creepy uncle. Because it’s girlcode.

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#10 – Despite all of the above, you know you’d do it all again a million times over, because that’s what ride or dies do.


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