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Six Times You Realised Your BFF Is Your Soulmate

09 | 05 | 2017

So you think you’ve found the Taylor to your Karlie? The Paris to your Nicole? Ok that BFF friendship may be pretty much RIP these days but basically what we’re saying is we’ve all got that ride or die BFF who argues with bouncers on your behalf, gives you styling advice, stops you texting that guy, and together you guys form a #girlgang that rivals the likes of T-Swift’s pretty badass ensemble. Here are six times you realised your BFF is your soulmate.


They don’t judge you for the sheer volume of food you can consume. In fact, they join in with you. Serves: 6? Yeah, don’t think so – and luckily, neither does your BFF.



They’ve got your back when you got a lil’ something between your teeth. Or down your shirt… or in your hair…



They know exactly what you need after one of those days. And sometimes what you don’t need, too.



They help you decode texts and stalk your ex/enemy/crush – like, you guys are basically the FBI. Between Facebook and Instagram, there’s NO-ONE you can’t track down.



They let you borrow anything from their wardrobe without question. Friends who dress together, stay together. Oh, and friends who refer friends to PLT earn vouchers (see here).

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You guys can tolerate each other even with a hangover. Well, provided there’s brunch, and LOTS of coffee.

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