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20 Things You Should Experience In Your 20s

11 | 09 | 2017

Your twenty-something years are the best time of your life. You’re not expected to be a FULL adult, but you also get all the perks of being an adult (read: staying up all night and eating chicken nuggets for every meal). There’s no better time to be self indulgent and spend time on yourself than in your 20s, so think of this as a pre-30s bucketlist..

20 Things You Should Experience In Your 20s

#1 – Chase your dream job. Figure out what it is you want and GO FOR IT. You got dis, girl.

#2 – EAT. No, that one extra donut won’t ruin your life. Gals gotta eat, right? Oh, and on this point.. learn to cook. And by cook I don’t mean learn the takeaway number off by heart. Cheeky.

#3 – Travel. It’s easier said than done and travelling costs money, I get it. Keep your eye out for cheap deals and save a lil’ extra dolla. The experiences you get from travelling are priceless.

#4 – Rid yourself of toxic people. That friend that never texts you unless they need to borrow something (and who can blame ’em, your wardobe is LIT), that f*ckboy who only replies once in a blue moon, anyone who doesn’t realise your worth.. get RID.

#5 – Splash out on one key item that you feel like a total rockstar in. I’m ALLLL for a bargain, but if you’ve been lustin’ after those ah-mazin’ platform boots or that leather jacket? Just do it.

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#6 – Get house plants. They’re cute, teach you responsibility, and promote calm. Okay, okay. Plus, they’re super instagrammable. You caught me.

#7 – Take your family out to dinner. Think of all the things your family have paid for, for you over the years. Take ’em all out for dinner because they deserve it.

#8 – Go places alone. Sounds scary but it’s super liberating. The beach, the cinema, an art gallery, ANYWHERE. Shopping doesn’t count!

#9 – Learn a new skill. PLT already knows you got shoppin’ down to a fine art girl, but what about a new language? Or a craft? You might discover a new love (because who needs boys?)

#10 – Have a massive clearout. Get rid of clutter you’ve been holding on to for toooo long. Sell it for extra dolla (to buy new clothes OBV) or donate your unwanted things to charity. Trust me, you’ll feel a whole lot better afterwards.

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#11 – Volunteering (and not because you have to). Help someone in need, because you are #blessed, and some people aren’t that fortunate.

#12 – STOP comparing yourself. I know I probably sound like your Mum, but did you ever hear ‘comparison is the thief of joy‘? – it’s true. Learn to celebrate your victories and be proud of your own journey, regardless of what everyone else is doing.

#13 – SAVE. Your 30’s self will thank you for it.

#14 – Don’t spend your time in relationships that you aren’t 100% happy in. Girl, you got all the time in the world. NEVER settle for less.

#15 – Unplug from the world of social media. Trust me, no-one gets this point more than us. It’s so important to take time for yourself, so crack out that bath bomb you got months ago, start reading that book everyone’s been talking about and just forget about the internet. I know, I can’t believe I just typed that either.

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#16 – Say YES to everything for a week. I mean, okay, there are definitely some things you should be saying NO to, but you get the idea.

#17 – Write a letter to your future self. Even if it’s just for the LOLs you’ll get when you look back and realise you knew literally nothing compared to what you thought you knew.

#18 – Pay attention to your mental health. Girl, listen to us. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Please, pleeease don’t overlook it.

#19 – Do things for other people. Making other people happy makes you happy.

#20 – Meet as many puppies as humanly possible. Okay, maybe I just wrote this one for myself, but I mean, PUPPIES – right?!

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