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5 Exercises To Perk Your Peach

14 | 09 | 2018

Every girl wants a perky peach, right? But it can be pretty intimidating going into a gym for the first time and not knowing how to get the best workout. This blog is a breakdown of the ultimate booty exercises so you can rock up like a boss and smash your workout.

5 Exercises To Give You That Peachy Butt

These exercises are all totally adaptable. They can be done at home, in the gym, with/without resistance and you can monitor your progress. WARNING: If you want some serious peachy goals then take note of these workouts.


#1 The Squat

The one and only, the legendary booty-building exercise has got to be the squat. This exercise burns so many calories, works your glutes and can help develop muscle growth! Depth is super important when it comes to squatting – if you’re struggling to hit depth then adding a chair/bench to aim for will guarantee you hit the depth you need! When this is getting easy, incorporate weights into your squats and watch that peach grow.


Squat Rack GIF


#2 Glute Bridges

Another exercise that is a booty killer! This exercise totally isolates your glutes for maximum peachiness! This exercise can be done anywhere, therefore, you have NO excuse! If you get bored, then mix it up by doing single leg glute bridges, adding a barbell or even a resistance band.


Fitness Workout GIF by 8fit


#3 Bulgarian Split Squat

This exercise is guaranteed to get a sweat on. A simple exercise that can be almost anywhere, but seriously burns and promotes muscle definition. If lean legs and a killer booty is what you’re after the get doing your Bulgarian split squats!


Sexy Exercise GIF


#4 Band Resistance

There are millions of exercises you can do to improve your peach. Resistance bands are brilliant as they’re cheap, vary in resistance, totally portable and again can complete anywhere. For a more rounded peach, then the sideways leg extensions as demonstrated below will really help round and enhance your glutes.


Standing GIF


#5 Cable Kickbacks

Finally but most certainly not least is Cable Kickbacks. This exercise is a booty burner, helps muscle development and is brilliant for monitoring progress! Slowly build up the weight on the cable and watch the transformation – you’ll be your own transformation Tuesday.


Fitness GIF



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