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Life Hacks To Survive Freshers’ Week

17 | 09 | 2018

Juggling university, a social life and those all-important studies can be pretty daunting, right? Particularly if you’re a fresh first year who hasn’t quite found their footing yet. Luckily we’re here to give you a helping hand with some simple tips you need to keep close to you in order to survive everything fresher’s week has in store for you.


How To Survive Freshers’ Week


Life Hack #1 Manage Your Time

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat! The university life essentials right? But don’t forget those 9 AM’s! We all know that first year “doesn’t count”, but you’ll need those grades to keep the party going for the rest of your time at Uni. You need to show your face at lectures, hit those deadlines and then you’re free to P-A-R-T-A-Y!

If in doubt, always remember, what would Elle Woods do? #WWEWD

Get cute stationery to keep your notes looking pretty.

Motivation is key! Kill that essay and treat yo’self to a manicure’.

Bend and Snap out of bed! Procrastination will not get you that #GirlBossLifestyle.



Life Hack #2 Make It Rain (But Only On Student Night!)

Student loans just dropped the bank balance is looking fatter than it ever has and you’re about to line up a row of shots for all of your new found BFF’s.

But It’s not just basic b*tches who budget! You might be feeling like Kris Jenner when the loan drops, but you’ll need somewhere to sleep off that hangover, so make sure the rent and essentials are covered first!



Life Hack #3 Beware Freshers’ Flu

The famous Fresher’s Flu will hit! It’s only a matter of time and there’s very little you can do to stop this. Partying all day, every day for a week will take everything out of you, not to mention the shots and kebabs have now taken over your diet. What would your mum say??

Stock up on all the meds when you get to Uni! Vitamin C might just be the best friend you make! Stay hydrated, you don’t want to be #Thirsty.



4. Get Involved

Be the social butterfly you were born to be. Joining all those socials will be the best way to make those lifelong friends! If you’re living at Halls in first year, it’s also the best way to find those all-important housemates for second year. You might have to step out of your comfort zones but get attending them parties, join the clubs and go to all the events. Try to remember; everyone is in the same boat as you!



University might just be the BEST time of your life, so enjoy it while you can! Make the most of everything, meet as many people as you can and don’t worry about the small stuff. You’ve got plenty of time for that once you get to the “Real Adult World”.


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