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5 reasons why he isn’t texting you back

04 | 09 | 2018

One of the most frustrating thoughts we have to deal with! Our immediate thought is that he must be with another girl, he must be with someone else and he isn’t even thinking about me. The inner crazy gets the better of us. If we just took a minute to think that maybe he isn’t replying because he’s taking a nap? Or that he just prefers to speak to you in person?

5 Reasons Why He Isn’t Texting You Back

It’s fact that women speak more than men, we need to talk about everything. So if you’re feeling a moment of madness coming on just remember we speak 13,000 more words a day then men. Let’s ease some of your minds, there are many reasons why he may not be texting you back…


#1 He’s ‘gaming’ with the boys

Boys like to think they’re cool, and when they aren’t replying it’s because they’re ‘gaming’ so can’t physically use their phones, and girls come on ‘gaming’ isn’t cool. Guys will, however, think they’re even more cool because they took 7 hours to reply but really they would have if they weren’t sat with their heads in their controllers. So just remember you have better things to do!


Reasons why he isn't texting you back


#2 He likes to chill after work

Do you like to chill after work? Enough said.


#3 He’s in the gym

Boys and gym are like boys and ‘gaming’ it’s their downtime, it’s their time to let off steam. They see it as ‘I’ll reply after’, they’re too busy looking good for you…


Reasons why he isn't texting you back


#4 He’s out with the lads

Guys can’t look weak in front of their friends, so it’s likely his isn’t texting you back because he won’t want the endless terrible relationship banter.


#5 He’s keeping you on your toes

All reasons aside ‘keeping you on your toes’ has to be the main reason he isn’t texting you back. Guys love the chase and they thrive when a girl is giving all the attention. Have you noticed that when you play them at their own game, they want to talk to you even more?


Reasons why he isn't texting you back


Honestly, all you need is willpower, if you feel like you want to message him again DON’T, message a friend instead or do something that keeps your mind active. You need to play him at his own game, it’s a known game changer.

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