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7 Things That Always Happen During Freshers Week

05 | 09 | 2018

Freshers week is when you’re in complete limbo with work and play. You’ve just started your first lectures and need to get all the info you need but you also wanna party, party, party! With all the cliche happenings from meeting new people right through to getting locked out of your apartment, we’ve rounded up 7 things that are guaranteed to happen to you (or someone you know) during freshers week.

7 Things That Always Happen During Freshers Week


#1 Well-balanced meals won’t be your first priority

Unless it’s microwavable or in a tin, there is no such thing as a fresher eating a full meal. You will either be too hungover, skint AF or just simply CBA making anything that takes over 5 minutes to cook. To the pizza takeaway you go!


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#2 You will get the freshers flu

Yes, I said it, freshers flu is a thing. It is scientifically proven that the amounts of alcohol and junk food consumed in week one mean you’re probably gonna be spending the whole of week 2 and 3 in bed. If you don’t catch the freshers flu from those two things you’ll probably catch it any from all of the germs flying around halls, BARF.

Tip: Avoid shaking hands and kissing too many boys.


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#3 Someone somewhere will throw a sh*t fancy dress party

First thoughts? Yes! A fancy dress party… Stop right there. We ain’t talking no turn up as your fave action hero vibe, we’re talking the ‘schoolies’ theme. This is where everyone dresses up as the ultimate school geek with they’re old school tie and a pair of cinema glasses with the lenses popped out. Clich√© if we could say the least.


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#4 You probably won’t remember many names

Aside from your flatmates who are already your new BFF’s, your gonna meet so many people during freshers week. Your gonna meet so many people you probably won’t remember they’re names. As classes haven’t really started yet, you can’t be listening to your tutor call them out on the class register so if you really wanna stay friends, maybe add them on Insta or Snap. And if you wanna forget them, maybe don’t go giving out your social media name.


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#5 The cute school couple that have been together FOREVER will break up

Freshers week tests your limits and with so much booze and new people hanging around, who knows what could happen. That cute little couple from school that you thought would never break up? Well, they just did. Breaking up is never easy when your old flame is living in the next block.


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#6 You will make a ton of BFF’s in the loos

This happens for all girls at all times right? Well, think thousands of excited girls trying to make new friends all at the same time. This means chaos for the girl’s toilets! You probably won’t even get their name and you’ll be like ‘OMG MY NEW BESTIE’ and then you’ll probably walk past each other with your heads down the next day.


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#7  You will get lost

Someway or another, you will get lost (emotionally or physically). Whether that be trying to find your lecture or walking home after too many 3 for 1 drinks, make sure you’re always with a friend and get home safe. And if you’re ever feeling homesick or lonely, head over to a friends halls to watch Gossip Girl or ring up your family for a chat. Online shopping is just a click away if you need some TLC…


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