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5 Rules to Follow When Dating Someone New

04 | 10 | 2019

5 Rules to Follow When Dating Someone New


New squeeze on the scene?

If you’ve just started dating someone new, you wanna make sure you’re coming across as your best self i.e. the queen that you are.

So, here are five rules to follow to make sure you bag that new boo.




#1 Don’t Stalk Their Ex on Social Media

It’s all fine to do a bit of background research on your new boo, but sis, do not go stalking their ex on social media.

You’ll most definitely end up liking a picture of theirs from 362 weeks ago.

You don’t need to compare yourself, you do you, babe!



#2 To Split, Or Not to Split?

Ah, the time old debate of whether to split the bill or not?

It might be your first date, or it could be your fifth.

But our advice, is to always offer to split the bill.

If he rejects the offer, then fab, you’ve bagged yourself a free meal! And if they want to split, that’s okay too.

You’re an independent woman, honey. Annnnd if they expect you to pay the entire bill?


Run away.



#3 Keep It Private

Although you may be totally head over heels for your new man and want the whole world to know he’s the apple of your eye, it’s probably wise to keep it hush for the first couple of weeks.

You don’t want everybody to know your business (apart from your besties), so keep it on the DL and wait until you’re IG official.



#4 Communicate

Communication is key.

If you’re having any worries or troubles during the first few weeks, it’s always better to voice these than to stay quiet.

Whether it’s not seeing them enough, wanting more time to yourself, needing reassurance, or doubting your true feelings, get if off your chest and you’ll feel so much better.



#5 Be Yourself!

And finally, BE YOURSELF cos it’s the best possible thing you can do.

There ain’t nobody like you in this whole goddam world, so embrace it and let your most brilliant self, shine.


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