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5 Things That Happen At Every Christmas Work Party

09 | 12 | 2021


‘Tis the season to party with your boss…


5 Things That Happen At Every Christmas Work Party


That’s right we’re officially in December and the Christmas party invites are flooding in!

However the most anticipated night of the year has got to be the work Christmas party. We’re talking all the sequins, dancing the night away with your coworkers and potentially embarrassing yourself in front of senior members of staff…

Whether it’s your first or fifteenth, here’s 5 things that happen at every Christmas work party!

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#1 ‘I hate my outfit, I’m not going’

Sadly, Christmas parties aren’t exempt from the classic ‘I hate my outfit’ part of getting ready.

The ‘fit could’ve been sorted for weeks, shoes and accessories matching perfectly, but like clockwork we take one look in the mirror and it’s a fashion disaster.

Luckily, our fave colleagues are on hand to reassure us we’re giving more Christmas angel vibes than Grinch! Followed by a glass or two of liquid courage and we’re ready to take on the most chaotic night of the year…

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#2 ‘I’m not drinking too much I don’t want to embarrass myself’

Whether it’s a free bar or not, every year we tell ourselves that we’re going to drink a sensible amount and not going to get completely wasted.

Before we know it one glass of wine has turned into numerous bottles, single measures have become doubles and shots aren’t just an idea but completely necessary!

Cue dancing on the tables and blurred selfies, the night is just getting started.

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#3 The quiet colleague coming out of their shell

One of our fave parts of a work party is seeing colleagues let loose and enjoy themselves after a year of boring meetings, long hours and deadlines.

The cherry on top though is when the quiet worker or new starters let their hair down and their true personality comes through!

Suddenly Karen from accounts is necking back tequila, Dave from HR is twerking on the dance floor and Becky’s risking passing her probation – the highlight of our night tbh x

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#4 Becoming besties with someone you’ve never spoken to

As everyone’s in the party spirit and feeling festive, suddenly all social anxiety fades away and we simply must talk to anyone and everyone.

Before you know it you’re been chatting with Brian for 20 minutes about your shared love of working from home, realising you’ve actually emailed each other countless times this year and work together on a daily basis…

From strangers to colleagues to besties, it really is a tale as old as time.

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#5 Two colleagues get a little bit too cosy…

There is nothing like a Christmas work party to really build relationships within the business…

Whether there’s been some back and forth teasing in the office, the odd cheeky email or no prior communication at all, it’s guaranteed there’ll be two colleagues getting to know each other REALLY well – probably in a quiet corner of the venue.

With the drinks flowing and music blasting, it really is the perfect time to let your hair down and get your flirt on – especially when you look this good! (as long as you’re both single ofc x)

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