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5 Things To Do On A Hangover

20 | 02 | 2018

Sooo you drank too much… While you may have been having the time of your life knocking back the prosecco last night, you and your body are now paying for it. Your head is pounding, your mouth is dry and you have absolutely no motivation to do anything, let alone get out of bed.

5 Things To Do On A Hangover

Fear not, possibly-still-drunk person, we’ve collated 5 of the best things to do to help you get back on track to a fully functioning human. Thank us later.


1. Re-hydrate

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One of the main reasons this evil hangover is taking over your life is because of dehydration. So get ready to gulp down and fill up your belly with plenty of H2O (and maybe some paracetamol.) PLT life hack: prevent a hangover altogether by drinking a glass of water between every drink on a night out.


2. Eat. Lots

Food is sometimes the only motivation to get out of bed after a heavy night of boozing. Although it’s tempting to go for a fast food feast, we’ve done our research and found that simple snacks like toast and oats are best for helping an upset stomach. Need some extra motivation? Get up and get the squad together for the perfect brunch date.


2. Sweat it out

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We’re probably going to be hated for saying this, but doing something active whilst dealing with a hangover can sometimes be a blessing. We aren’t saying to sign yourself up for an 8am HIT class, but waking up with the misery can surprisingly be cured with a nice brisk walk or a relaxing class of yoga.


4. Catch some z’s

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Like we need to remind you that hangovers are the perfect excuse to hit snooze? While a lack of sleep does not cause a hangover, it can make your hangover 10 times worse. Not only that going out generally means neglecting your bed, so show it some love and nap the pain away.


5. Join the club

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There is nothing worse than being hungover and alone. If you have the pleasure of living with or close-by to someone who is sharing your hangover pain, get together and complain about it. Try and find the funny side of how embarrassing you were last night or reassure each other that everything’s going to be ok.

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