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Ways Your Phone Is Ruining Your Relationship

21 | 02 | 2018

Ok, so there’s no denying phones are a huge part of our society but there are times for the good of our personal relationships that we wish they didn’t exist. We’re all guilty of it, but there’s no denying this is a major problem in a lot of relationships in one way or another. When we’re paying more attention to what some blogger is wearing than what our boo has to say it’s time to make a change.

Ways Your Phones Is Ruining Your Relationship

Girl, you heard it here…  nothing can destroy a recent swipe or long-term romance more than our beloved phone. Here’s 5 ways it could be ruining your relationship.

#1 When he doesn’t text back

We’ve all been there.  Sat around all day waiting for a reply, then suddenly you see the tick go blue and still… no reply?! WTF. Although we all start to panic at this stage, boys will be boys and it’s probably harmless. He soon texts back with the ‘Sorry babe I was busy’ and suddenly he’s no longer the ultimate f*ck boy and you can stop planning his demise. It’s a vicious circle right?

#2 You feel like he is ignoring you

So you’ve had a long ass day at work and you’re looking forward to some quality time with your S.O but you turn up at his house and he’s constantly sat on his phone?! Before you know it, an hour’s gone by and you’ve hardly spoken a word because he’s texting his mates about the 441 on the latest football score. Hell no. This is round about when the angry and rejected feels kick in and you start questioning everything. Not good.

#3 Those misinterpreted texts

Ok so it’s safe to say judging someone’s’ tone over text 100% is tricky. If you’re in the middle of a “deep chat”, emotions can be running high and it’s easy to read or misinterpret things the wrong way. This can cause major arguments with your bae over something that was probably not such a big deal in the first place. This happens way TOO often and can be avoided with some simple face to face interaction.

#4 Social media

From Instagram to Snapchat, we can’t deny we literally love social media – possibly a little too much. But when it comes to your beau that can be a different story. Your lover + social can equal a recipe for disaster. We’re talking liking other girl’s selfies, who they’re following, being tagged in possibly incriminating photos – the list is endless. It’s normal to find yourself indulging in a bit of social media stalking, but too much of this is definitely not healthy and not good for you or your relationship.

#5 You actually MISS not being on your phone

Let’s be real. You’re on your phone so often it’s become a borderline addiction rather than just a habit while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil. We’ve all been there, you tell yourself you’re having an early night but then find yourself scrolling through Insta for hours. Whoa where did the time go? This can have a serious impact on your relationship as even when you’re physically together, you have the urge to constantly pick up your phone and scroll through pointless feeds.

We’re thinking it’s time to detox from the phone for a bit and fully throw ourselves into human interaction. At least when you’re actually in bae’s presence anyway…

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