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Annoying Things All Boyfriends Do

15 | 02 | 2018

Let’s face it, we love our BF’s to death (most of the time). But there are often more times than we can count when he starts doing jerkish things, often in public, that are totes embarrassing and annoying. If your boyfriend does any of these things, you are not alone sister. Here’s 5 annoying things all boyfriends do.

#1 Talks to strangers

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Seriously, you plan a romantic meal for two and you’re sat looking all glam, enjoying some alone time. The next minute, he’s tapped the guy on the table next to you to talk about the latest football score. This is when you start to rapidly text your bestie and give her the 411. Like hello hun? All of your attention this way, please.

#2 Sings REALLY loud

He thinks he’s the next Ed Sheeran right? Just no hun. If he isn’t participating in his own edition of Carpool Karaoke (and totally ruining the song you were happily enjoying), he’s trying to rap (badly) in public. Now if that isn’t an embarrassment, we don’t know what is.

#3 Checks himself out in public

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He checks himself out more than he checks you? Don’t take it personally girl, it’s just a guy thing. You’re staring at a totes adorable handbag in the shop window and he seems interested right? Nope, he’s just checking his reflection out. We get it boo, you look good *eye roll*.

#4 Leaves mess everywhere

Men are messier than us gals, fact. When you cleaned the whole flat Sunday night and you return home from a long ass 9-5 at the office, to find a total mess. The one that we loathe the most is when he leaves his wet towel on the bed after showering. This Queen needs her beauty sleep and doesn’t wanna lie in a wet patch. Not Okay.

#5 Takes up all of the bed

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We might as well just accept the fact we’re sleeping on the floor. His legs, arms, even his face are invading your side of the bed and as for hogging all the duvet? Don’t even get us started.

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