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5 Things To Tell Yourself In Lockdown 2.0

03 | 11 | 2020


As we got the news we were about to go into another official nationwide Lockdown, it’s safe to say there was more than a few cries of despair and a collective feeling of “how the F are we going to deal?”, despite knowing it is for the best in the long run. 2020 – what a time to be alive.


5 Things To Tell Yourself In Lockdown 2.0

During these difficult times, it’s important to keep your mental health in check via any means possible which is where we come in with our tips and tricks on the things you can control in your everyday to help keep that PMA strong.

Here’s our 5 small things you can do to boost your own mental health to get through lockdown 2.0.



No News Is Good News

We’ve all heard the saying; “no news is good news”, right? Well in the case of 2020 we might be wise to take this literally by avoiding or at least taking a break from how much (negative) news you’re currently consuming, whether this be via social media or the news in general. It is important, of course, to stay informed but it is more important not to invite further unnecessary stress and worry into your life. Something which can easily happen if you start to obsessively fixate on figures and data.


Make The Best Use of Your Space

While the majority of us are currently back working from home, it is good feng shui to make the best use possible of the space you have. Creating clear boundaries by sectioning off the key areas within your WFH space so you have designated living and working areas will help give more purpose to the different parts of your home. This will also help detract from the feeling of being trapped within your own 4 walls and fight off the cabin fever.


Create A Routine

People are naturally creatures of habit which means a routine can do wonders for mental health and wellness. Decide what needs to be in your routine and make a plan. This will help occupy and distract your brain from wandering too much down a rabbit hole of worry which can be all consuming. Be consistent with timings and remember to make it fun!


Say Goodbye To Bad Content

Find yourself aimlessly scrolling the Gram? Ok, we’re guilty of this too. Having extra time on your hands can lead to a serious increase of screen time which isn’t always a good thing. Be mindful of this and unfollow or hide any accounts that don’t leave you feeling good for ANY reason. We want good vibes only here for the rest of 2020.


Keep Your Besties Close

It’s important not to keep things bottled up during these uncertain times and talk to people you trust. Lean on a close friend and find the courage to ask questions and express yourself when you’re not feeling ok. It’s more important to be there for each other right now more than ever so stick close to the people in your life who feel like sunshine to get your dose of vitamin D.


Overall, be kind to yourself throughout this second lockdown. Better times are coming. We’ll see you on the other side.

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