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50 Self Care Ideas

04 | 11 | 2020

50 Self Care Ideas

Taking care of your mind and body is more important than ever. 2020 has been full of surprises to say the least and with another lockdown on the horizon, it can be hard to stay positive. With more time than usual on our hands, we’ve made a list of 50 self care ideas to help you get through these tough times. How many can you tick off this month?


1. Stay hydrated

2. Limit your screen time

3. Turn your bath or shower time into an aromatherapy session

4. Get some fresh air

5. Give yourself a mani-pedi

6. Buy fresh flowers from an independent shop

7. Binge your favourite show

8. Have an early night

9. Order takeaway

10. Do yoga or pilates

11. Declutter your home

12. Watch the sunrise or sunset

13. Quit social media for a week

14. Write down what you’re grateful for

15. Cook a fancy meal

16. Create a “yay” list

17. Plant something

18. Plan a getaway

19. Read a bestseller

20. Make a playlist of your favourite songs

21. Write down your dreams and goals

22. Go on a walk and take a picnic

23. Organise your camera roll

24. Make a time capsule

25. Declutter your wardrobe or put new outfits together

26. Do something nice for someone else

27. Create a vision board

28. Listen to podcasts

29. Do an intense workout

30. Paint or draw

31. Drink herbal tea

32. Change your sheets

33. Have a movie night

34. Write a love letter (to yourself or someone you love)

35. Make yourself a fancy breakfast

36. Have breakfast in bed

37. Detox your social media feed

38. Stay in your PJs

39. Make your own facemask

40. Dry brush your skin

41. Make a smoothie or green juice

42. Light candles and incense

43. Do something for charity

44. Video call someone

45. Have an outdoor bonfire

46. Cleanout your makeup bag

47. Watch a documentary

48. Make an indoor herb garden

49. Take an online class

50. Get your favourite photos printed

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