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6 Ways To Tell If They Want A Relationship (Or Not)

24 | 09 | 2019

Cuffing season is looming.

Sofa spoons and #couplegoals might be the only thing getting us through those cold dark days.

But how do you know you’ve bagged yourself a keeper?

Invest your time wisely and peep the below for the 411 to see if baes here to stay.


6 Ways To Tell If They Want A Relationship (Or Not)

#1. Future Plans

If they’re here to say they will be happy to commit to longer term plans and bookings.

They clearly see a future in this and aren’t scared to show it.

If they being sketchy it’s a bad sign.

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#2. Gram Official

Why haven’t they posted that cute pic of you both?

Possibly because they want to maintain the impression of being single?

If they’re in this then they won’t care who knows.

Tricky one.

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#3. Connect The Dots

If you’re sat there doubting their every move and why they take so long to text – alarm bells.

When you have a solid connection you’ll feel secure and feelings of insecurity subside.

You feel close to that person and reassured. And rarely have to doubt them.

If they’re not giving you that it’s a warning sign.

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#4. Surface Level

If they’re letting you into their world and going deep into the feels, it’s deffo a good sign.

If you don’t know anything about them then you probably never will.


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#5. Ex Distress

If they’re still talking about / texting / caught up in the ex then run for the hills.

Of course, they can maintain a friendship with a past flame.

But if you get the feeling there’s some unfinished business make a swift exit.

For them to be fully involved with you they need to be over the past and looking ahead.

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#6. Look To The Past

A person’s past can be the best indication of their future.

Do they have a history of solid long term relationships? Or are they known as the local player?

Don’t assume someone will change for you – unless they themselves are ready for it.

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