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7 Things That Always Happen At Graduation

16 | 05 | 2018

It’s almost time to finally get your degree which means it’s time to ditch endless nights studying and partying and get preparing for real life. Graduation can be a daunting experience, but trust me, there are always little LOLs that keep you entertained throughout the ceremony. It is guaranteed you won’t be told much beforehand, so we’re here to dish you up with some experiences known to happen at grad.

7 Things That Always Happen At Graduation

Prepare for post-uni life and get the 411 on your graduation before you actually even get there.


#1. You will just never know if you’re wearing your mortarboard in the right way

graduation GIF

It seems like the most simplest of things, but honestly, it’s seriously confusing. You will probably get your mortarboard fitted for you before you enter the room, but when you have to take it off and put it back on during the ceremony, it’s kinda confusing to figure out which is the front and which is the back.

Tip: Take hair pins to keep it in place.

#2. Someone goes head over heels

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Being nervous in heels always leads to disaster. It is guaranteed that someone will fall and this happens alot. Whether it be up against the stairs or on the stage in front of the guest of honour, you do not want this to be you (unless you wanna end up a YouTube sensation).

Tip: Wear shoes that you can actually walk in.


#3. Your hands hurt from clapping TOO much

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This isn’t just an ‘everybody clap at the end’ kind of situation, this is a ‘clap after every person’ kinda thing. Literally… every …. single… person. This just means if your one of the first up your probably gonna get the biggest round of applause.


Tip: Save the real applauses for your besties.

#4. You will get a fake certificate

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Don’t be hella disappointed when you roll open your scroll and discover a blank sheet of paper. The scrolls are all for show and you will receive your certificate through the post.

Tip: Don’t ask why they haven’t given you the real thing.

#5. You won’t understand anything anybody reads out

high school musical what GIF

Your degree sounds straight forward, right? But when all the different coloured gowns start to step up on stage and they’re degrees are longer than your arm, you probably won’t understand a single thing that is said. The good thing is, you don’t even need to get it, it only matters when you’re in the spotlight.

Tip: Just smile and clap.

#6. Somebody dabs on stage

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You’ve probably seen it ALL over social media, that one guy that gets up and dabs for the lol’s.

Tip: Don’t be that guy.


#7. Your family will be so proud of you

proud rita ora GIF by America's Next Top Model

At least one member of your party will be crying for sure, even that sibling you always fight with might show a little pride (Don’t get used to it). They will be super proud of you for all your hard work and you will feel the biggest sense of relief when you finally get your degree.

Tip: Take some tissue paper.


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