8 Thoughts Every Girl Has In Cuffing Season

23 | 10 | 2018

‘Tis the season…cuffing season, that is.

8 Thoughts Every Girl Has In Cuffing Season


1. “We’re 2 months into cuffing season and I STILL haven’t found anybody.”


lonely comedy central GIF by Inside Amy Schumer


2. “He’ll be fully clothed 80% of the time anyway.”


chandler bing lol GIF by TV Land Classic


3. “God, I am single AF.”


lonely legally blonde GIF


4. “Oh wow, you can only tell he has a receding hairline in half of his pics.”


chicago blackhawks team GIF


5. “I’m over dating.”


single honey boo boo GIF


6. “I only wanted to watch Netflix and have someone bring me food”


regina george dating GIF


7. “Best part of my relationship? His heated car seats.”


kissing music video GIF


8. “I really need a pet.”


cats love GIF

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