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Best Fake Tan For A Festive Glow

15 | 12 | 2020

A winter glow is definitely needed this year.

Whilst many of us might not be going on holiday this winter, it doesn’t mean we can’t fake that sun kissed glow this festive season.

So, whether you’re heading out with your family or simply want to get the glow on those no makeup days, we’ve got all the fake tan products you need this December.

Best Fake Tan For A Festive Glow

Filter by Molly-Mae Tanning Foam

If you’re looking for a fake tan with a flawless finish, Filter by Molly-Mae is the one for you.

Our girl Molly-Mae has designed a dreamy mousse formula that will give you a warm, natural glow complimented by an uplifting scent.

Simply apply the tan using your fave tanning mitt and leave for 4-6 hours before showering off.

For best results, apply before bed and shower off in the morning for the ultimate winter glow.

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Tanologist Face & Body Drops

Tanning drops are the perfect go to all year round if you’re wanting a sun kissed glow.

The face and body drops from Tanologist are a must-have in any tan lovers’ collection.

For a fuss-free application, add the drops to your everyday skincare routine, either mix in with your moisturiser or apply alone like a regular serum.

The more drops you add, the deeper your tan will be.

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Isle Of Paradise Self Tanning Water

If you prefer a clear, water based fake tan, the Isle Of Paradise Self Tanning Water is a must-have.

Designed to leave your tan looking streak free, this tanning water is super easy to apply. Simply spray onto the skin and blend in with a tanning mitt.

Winter glow pending…

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Garnier Summerbody Dark Tan

Self tanner and a moisturiser all in one? It’s a yes from us.

The Garnier Tanning Moisturiser is perfect for getting a summer glow during the winter months.

Apply like a regular body moisturiser and the tan will develop over time, leaving your skin feeling nourished and looking glowy.

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Whether you love and instant tan or a gradual formula, shop our full tanning range here.


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