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Ultimate Hangover Cures

09 | 08 | 2017

Gone are the days of waking up and feeling refreshed after a night out.

Unfortunately for all us gals who love to socialise and dance the night away or simply enjoy sipping a few bottles of Rioja whilst gossiping about boys. Because that’s what we love to do, right? Right sistas!


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Shame spirals, beer fear, and emotional hangovers guaranteed

Deleting WhatsApp chats without reading them because you’re too embarrassed to find out and probably made a fool out of yourself the previous night

Watching cute animal videos on Youtube and bawling like a baby because you’re super emotional

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Don’t fret gals, we’ve collated the best hangover cures for you because we PLT gals got to stick together.

Ultimate Hangover Cures

#1 H2O

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Hangovers are all about dehydration. Fill your tummies with plenty of water post-party and the next morning to rehydrate. For even better results, try having a glass of H2O in between drinks.


#2 Bubble Bath

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We’ve already established that water is super vital and your body is dehydrated after a night of boozing. Have you ever noticed on holiday that as soon as you take a dip in the sea/pool you feel refreshed? Of course you have, your body soaks up the water like a sponge. Unless you’ve got a pool in your house, a bathtub will suffice, and don’t forget to add some essential oils.


#3 Coconut Water

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) says coconut water has the same five electrolytes found in our blood which will help you rehydrate after a boozy night. Coconut water, yasss!


#4 Lots of Coca-Cola

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Before the ‘health police’ starts kicking off – I know that fizzy pop ain’t super healthy, duuuuhh, however, when you’re lying in bed and feel as if a ten-ton truck ran over your head, you don’t really care about ‘being healthy’. Coca-Cola is my favourite hangover cure and has never let me down before.


#5 Prep the day before

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There is nothing worse than waking up with a hangover and not having any food in the house. The mere thought of leaving the house and walking to the next 7-Eleven makes you feel even worse. Yay to frozen pizzas, meal deals, ramen noodles, mac n cheese and anything microwavable because let’s be honest gals, ain’t nobody got time to cook anything nutritious.


#6 Sleep

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Who are we kidding? We all love to sleep and being hungover is the perfect excuse to stay in bed and snooze all day. Best hangover cure everrrr. Time heals all wounds, including hangovers. Even doctors have stated that going back to sleep is the best remedy yet and who are we not to listen to the doc?!

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