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03 | 07 | 2017

When it comes to makeup I am a firm believer that brows are the most important part of your face word!

No matter how good or how sh*t your makeup is, so long as your brows are on point you’ve got nothing to worry about huns! It’s common knowledge that brows can either make you or break you, and I’m talking quite literally when you’re sat in front of a mirror for an hour trying to perfect them don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Your Guide To The Perfect Brow

Gals, I’m going to talk you through how to get the perfect brows and it all starts with planning what type of look you’re going for. There’s two types of ways to groom your brows – structured or fluffy. The structured type is the kind we have seen all over Instagram, and spend a good few minutes drooling over the INSANE perfection of each brow. The fluffy brows are brushed up and textured, usually have been set into place with a setting gel and although they look a little windswept, trust me, they will not be budging in the wind!

How To Do: Structured Brows

For this particular look I used the High Definition Brow Creme, the cremes come in 3 different shades; Bombshell for Blondes, Foxy for Midtones and Vamp for brunettes. I used Vamp on Laura with the High Definition Angled Brow Brush, this brush is perfect for creating ultra fine hair strokes and a precise brow line. The Brow Creme is long lasting and budge-proof so your brows will be looking on point allllll day!

Start by lining the lower brow line and brushing the product upwards into the brows with your brush. Line the outer third of the upper brow and brush the product through the tail, the tail is where the brow needs to have the most thickness so always work from the inner brow to the outer brow. Turn your brush vertical and with the remaining product on your brush, add individual hair strokes at the beginning of the brow. Set the brows into place using the HD Brow Beater for ride or die brows which will be going nowhere!

Tip: Dispense the product onto the back of your hand to avoid adding too much, if you go a bit cray, don’t worry just use a spoolie to brush it through.


How To Do: Fluffy Brows

Fluffy brows are this year’s hottest runway trend!

First and foremost you need to start by taking a spoolie and brushing the brow hairs upwards, then using the Brow Define and Brow Tech start drawing in individual brow hairs to add more thickness and dimension to the brows. I switched between the two different types of brow pencils because each one gave a different look and adds to the brows looking as au-natural as possible. Brush through the ends using the Brow Colourfix, this will add texture and thickness to the brows whilst also tinting the hairs for a fuller look.

I fixed the brows into place using the Brow Beater, you can add as much of this product as you like because the gel is clear, it will secure your brows into place and keep your brows on fleek all day and night!

Tip: Try not to strive for perfection, these brows are more perfect the more messy they are!

Remember, don’t let anyone with bad brows tell you sh*t about your life…

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