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21 F*ckboy Classic One Liners

05 | 07 | 2017


If you’re currently playing the dating game and looking to meet the one, I’m sure you’ve come across fuckboys. In a previous post we talked about how to spot a fuckboy.

Now we ain’t saying that all guys are fuckboys but the majority who roam the online dating apps can deffo be classified as fuckboys.

In today’s blog post, we’re sharing our favourite classic one liners that we’ve come across over the past couple of months.

Get ready queens, there might be some cringe worthy moments.


*RING RING* gurrrrls that is your alarm bells ringing.



#1 They go from the keenest of keen with communication, and then it’s like talking to a brick wall.

“I’m so sh*t at texting”.

Why are you lying though? You weren’t like that yesterday. *Eye roll*


#2 After a couple of days.

Me: “Guessing I should take the hint”, Him: “No I am so sorry, I thought I replied, can you forgive me”.


#3 When they’re keen and cut you off.

“Sorry I got freaked out”.

OMG you were the one being keen in the first place NOT ME!


#4 “Hey you on snapchat?”.


#5 After a 2 year relationship, you receive your breakup explanation via email:

“This email is long overdue but I have been trying to write it for two days now and the words just don’t seem to be able to come out or tell you how sorry I am.

I have been selfish. So, selfish its untrue and I thought I was better than that. I wish I could have the guts to face up to my actions and give you an honest explanation but I don’t.

I am such a coward and I wish I wasn’t. All I want is to be able to look you in the eye and tell you everything but I cant so I will try and give it my best through this email. Etc. Etc. It goes on…


Getting serious

#6 If they say “I hate awkward situations” then GET OUT!

This means that if anything gets too serious, or there is someone else; they will just cut you off, with no explanation and never reply to you ever again (or pop up in your DM’s a couple of months later).


#7 After messaging a guy for 8 weeks and there being no mention of a date on the cards…..

I picked up the courage to say, “should we go for a drink?” at which he replies, “what are the logistics of this?” LOGISITCS!!


#8 ‘I have been kinda thinking that I don’t really want to get involved with anyone at the minute, you seem nice and sound, just don’t want to lead anyone on. If you know what I mean’.


#9 I’m not looking for anything serious, but I think you’re a lovely girl so it would be fun to meet up again.



I like you

#10 Me: “I like you”. Him: “Liking me isn’t a good idea”.


#11 Me: “I like you”, Him: “You’re cute too”.

At least they didn’t lie and say it back right?


#12 Him: “I like you, but not in that way, I don’t like anyone like that, too much thinking involved”.

How can you not like someone after seeing them for 1.5 years!


#13 It’s just not the right time for us at the moment.

Ummmmmm I smell BS


#14 “I’m too busy with my new business to be seeing anyone”. Meanwhile, he’s got himself a girlfriend”.


#15 “You’re the only girl I’ve had in my bed”. Next joke please.


#16 I’m not like other guys’

Pretty sure that’s the biggest lie ever told.


#17 When you think he has cut you off.

Him “Sorry I haven’t had a phone”. Ummm ok then but you have been active on Facebook every day?

No words.


#18 Tinder bio, “only swipe right if your gonna send nudes”

Urrghhhhh how grim are you!


#19 Worst chat up line ever: “I’m  a 9 out of 10 and you’re a 5 but I’ll give you a chance if you come home with me”

Safe to say he got a drink over him.


#20 When they try and justify cheating

I can’t explain it but I just thought it was a selfish way to get over you.

The guy I have been this week is not me and not a true reflection of how I feel. I just felt lost and it all happened so fast before I could get a real understanding of what I was doing.


#21 The worst kind of f*#K boy is the nice guy in disguise

They will never say a bad word to you or about you, they will treat you like the princess that you are, but they will drop you at the click of a finger.

Those types are the real heart breakers.


When these boys get you down, just remember the most important thing is your girls!


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