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Dating App ‘Beige’ Flags

12 | 09 | 2022


Brutal but beige.


Dating App ‘Beige’ Flags


The TikTok dating trend that mighttttt just ruin your love life.


First up, what actually is a beige flag?

So forget red flags for the moment as this is a wholeeee other category.

Beige flags are not a sackable offence but think of them more like a giveaway sign that someone might be a little on the boring side… Beige and bland.


Tired Britney Spears GIF


We all know dating apps are a wild old place, you name it – there will be someone with a dating app story about it.

The ‘beige flag’ term has TikTok to thank for it becoming huge recently and in all honesty, we’re grateful.

There’s been many times we’ve spotted the following and thought is it only us?

Well, no – in fact the 1.7 million TikTok searches prove we’ve all (unfortunately) had to witness some form of beige flag whilst swiping.


Now you know what they are, here are 10 of our fave beige flags (so far at least).


Anything coffee related.

Liking/not liking coffee is not a personality trait – sorry.


The good old, pineapple on pizza debate.

Maybe one for an office discussion but when it’s the possibility on meeting your new SO – sorry a pineapple pizza opening line is a no from us.

Ketchup in the fridge also falls under this category!


Looking for someone to go on adventures with…

We’re not sold, sorry.


the hobbit running GIF


Any prompt with the answer ‘just ask’.

Kinda defeats the whole point of a prompt, don’t you think?


 “My biggest mistake is downloading this app”.

Ok, that’s not really going to make anyone want to swipe is it?

Save your super like!


One word – Foodie.

Sorry but no. Actual ICK territory.


Paris Hilton Reaction GIF


“I hardly use this, message me on Insta instead”.

Are you just here for IG followers, or?


Just photos – that’s it, like zero info at all.

What are we meant to say? At least give us somethingggggg.

Also, this is giving f*boy vibes – are you taking dating seriously or only swiping on a Saturday night?

At least one fun fact please! Fave GIF? Ok, we’ll take that over nothing at all.


Sticking with photos, we have to say it – fishing photos.

Yes we love that you have a hobby BUT x5 photos of you holding a giant fish…

Good catch but not sure it’s the right kinda catch 🐟


Funny or just flat out rude?

We know it’s hard to get your humour across on apps but the “no drama queens”.

“If you’re not (insert something mildly offensive here) keep scrolling” etc.

You know the vibe. Just stop thanks.


real housewives GIF by Slice


Just the one beige flag?

Let them off and give them a chance! But there’s got to be a limit.


Actually found a match?

Then you’re going to need a next level date night ‘fit.

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