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Easy Workouts To Get You Back In The Zone

10 | 01 | 2019

The question on everyone’s mind this time of year; “I want to get fitter, but how?”

Getting fit is something that people commonly set as a New Year’s resolution, and we want to do everything we can to ensure no one gives up on their goals.


Easy Workouts To Get You Back In The Zone


Getting healthier is all in your mind – when you become focused and stop making excuses, it’s easy.

Get ready to boss your fitness level, we’ve rounded up our fave easy workouts to get you back in the zone this January.


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For All The Girls Who Don’t Wanna Go To The Gym

The Cardio-Based Workout

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Different people have preferred methods of exercising and that is totally cool, as long as you’re doing it!

Below is a breakdown of a great workout that is guaranteed to get your sweat on and cancel out all the wrongs you’ve made from a heavy weekend.

15 x Burpee Press Ups

15 x Squat jumps

60 x Mountain climbers

15 x Extended leg kicks (each leg)

4 x Stairs walking deep lunges

60 seconds plank hold

Repeat all the above x 4




The Strength-Based Workout

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This workout is a great at-home/outdoors work out for the girls hoping to tone up and gain some muscle. A way that you can give yourself an extra push, is by investing in either resistance bands or small weights to increase that resistance.

20 x Squats

15 x Bulgarian split squats on each leg

15 x Single leg Romanian Deadlifts

20 x Regular push-ups

20 x Tricep dips off sofa/bed

20 x Crunchies

60 Seconds Plank

60 Seconds Chair stance

Repeat all the above x 4

You’ve got this!


For All The Girls Who Do Wanna Hit Up The Gym

The Strength-Based Workout

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All gyms are extremely well equipped when it comes to weight. You can decide whether you will use free-weights or machines. As a newbie, we recommend the machines and these are the ones we think make the ultimate difference:

3 x 10 Leg Press

3 x 10 Hamstring Curl

3 x 10 Glute Bridge with a barbell

2 x 10 Tricep Extension

2 x 10 Flyes

3 x 10 Ab crunch

3 x 5 Assisted chin ups

3 x 1 Face pulls on a cable

Continuously push yourself by increasing your resistance.



The Cardio-Based Workout

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A lot of gyms these days provide free classes as part of their memberships.

This is so good for gym newbies as you have an instructor to help you and push you for motivation. If your more of a lone soldier or your gym doesn’t have classes, then follow the below:

Treadmill sprints – 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off x 10 OR Row – 8 minute continuous row with a final 2 minute sprint push to finish

High resistance cross-trainer session for 10 minutes

30 Minute spin session

Ab circuit to finish – 20 x crunchies, 20 x full sit-ups, 1 minute plank x 3.

BOSS your workouts this year.


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