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Embrace A Bare Faced Look With Skin & Tonic London

03 | 07 | 2018

Feeling a bare faced vibe but not feeling too fresh? Not to worry, Skin & Tonic are here to make your skincare dreams come true. Created over a glass of Gin & Tonic(we love the creation), this organic brand provides only natural ingredients to have your skin feeling and looking it’s best. All of these handcrafted products are unique in they’re own way and they could literally change your life…

Embrace A Bare Faced Look With Skin & Tonic London

Getting the perfect skin you always dreamed off can often seem impossible, but fear not, forget the make-up and prepare to be selfie-ready with Skin & Tonic London.


#1 Prepare your skin


Preparation is key when it comes to bagging smooth and flawless skin. This exfoliating scrub removes of any excess skin that could cause any blemishes or dry skin and leaves you with a nourished, soft complexion.

How to use: Add a drop of water to smoothen to the mixture and apply to skin, or for anyone with dryer skin, you can add a little oil to the water to create a softer paste. Perfect for all normal skin types


#2 Your everyday must-have



The weather is too hot RN and that means one thing, dry lips! If you keep this lip balm to hand, your sure to ditch that for soft smackers girl. It tastes so good too so your lips will be thirsty no more. Pssssst, they come in a pack of four too, so you’re probably sorted for the whole month.

How to use: Simply pop this in your handbag or purse and apply every time your lips are feeling a little on the dry side.


#3 De-stress


Stressed out trying to get your summer plans in order? Got a dissertation to hand in tomorrow and feeling the pressure? Well, this little kit is here to save the day. This steam clean helps to remove any dirt and revitalises dull, stressed out skin leaving it looking shiny and brand new. They’ve even thrown in a soft organic cloth too that is also amazing for removing makeup.

How to use:

Add steam clean to face and neck, wet the cloth in warm water and hold to face for one minute to open the pores.

Perfect for normal to oily skin


#4 Hydrate


Hydration is important, even for the skin. This rose mist will soothe, calm and hydrate the face, make-up or no make-up. It’s delicately fragranced recipe leaves your skin feeling and looking fresh throughout the day.

How to use: For no make-up days, refresh the face by spraying lightly. Or use as a makeup setting spray to calm and cool. Perfect for all normal skin types



#5 The end of the day essential


If you struggle to remove makeup (especially waterproof mascara) then this makeup remover is for you. Blended with organic oils, this remover is perfect for those even with sensitive skin.

How to use: Squeeze a few pumps onto a cotton pad and apply until makeup is fully removed and skin is feeling fresh.


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