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Feel Good Things To Watch On Netflix Right Now

08 | 08 | 2018

We know the feeling, you get home from work, cook your long-awaited dinner and finally sit yourself down on the sofa to enjoy a good old-fashioned dose of TV after a long day or slaying adult life. But, wait – what to watch?

What To Watch On Netflix This Month

We’ll be damned if we’re gonna be spending an unnecessary hour mindlessly scrolling through Netflix’s endless options trying to decide what to watch while you eat your pasta. Those days are over, skip the need for having to endlessly scroll (your food is getting cold, girl!) Here’s our top feel good things to watch on Netflix right now.


#1 Friends

Ok, ok we know you’ve lit watched this so many times the cast of Friends really does feel like your IRL friends. But come on, the lols, the drama, the “will they won’t they”; it just never gets old.



#2 Sugar Rush

If you totally dig The Great British Bake Off vibe you’ll love Sugar Rush. This spin on it from our American pals involves bakers competing for a $10,000 prize with drama along the way.



#3 Good Girls

This new comedy is a must watch. Three suburban mums get sick of not being appreciated and team up to improve their mundane lives by planning a supermarket heist.



#4 The Kissing Booth

Prepare for a dose of that teenage nostalgia. This feel-good high school rom-com is good to watch if you’re feeling in an easy and light-hearted mood when it comes to your evening TV viewing.



#5 Queer Eye For The Straight Guy

Positive, uplifting and supportive. It saddens me to say it’s unusual to see a man opening up and being vulnerable with a gang of other guys helping him through a difficult situation. We love this show.


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