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How To Pack For A Weekend Away

07 | 08 | 2018

Weekends away are now becoming the new two-week break. They don’t break the bank, you only need to book 2 days maximum off work and they are way easier to save up for. The only downside to your short and sweet holiday is the packing… If like me, you want to be prepared for whatever last minute plans are thrown at you, then this weekend away hit list is your new saviour.

How To Pack For A Weekend Away

Whether it’s a girls weekend or you’re being whisked away by your significant other, this packing list is here to ensure you can fit all the essentials into your limited luggage.


1# Keep it light

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First things first, choosing the right suitcase. Even though hard cases are better for protecting your items they’re also way heavier and remember you’re dragging this thing around with you. So I’d suggest a soft-sided lightweight case that you can squeeze more into. If you’re worrying about fragile things breaking, wrap them in your clothes.


2# Stick to the list

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Before you even browse through your wardrobe, make a list of everything you want to take. Then check to see what you might have to buy and keep it all in a pile next to your suitcase. When it comes to packing, tick items off the list as you go and anything that isn’t on the list doesn’t get in. It’s a ruthless job but someone’s got to do it.


3# Plan ahead

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Make sure to plan all of your outfits ahead, the easiest way to take up valuable room in your hand luggage is by throwing in items that probably don’t even go together. Take into consideration what day trips you’ll be doing and just ask yourself; “do I really need three pairs of heels and two hairdryers?”


4# Roll it up

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The rolling technique has been a packing saviour for years. Rolling stops your clothes from creasing and also saves up way more room than folding. If it can’t be rolled then just lay it flat on top of all your little rolls of fabric. PLT Tip: Stuff your rolled up garms into shoes and bags to give yourself some extra space.


5# Get the layered look

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If you insist on taking bulky clothing or a plethora of accessories, try wearing them to the airport. You may get a few questionable looks but at least your bag fits the allowance. Just remember to give yourself extra time to get through security with a puffer jacket, 5 necklaces, hoop earrings and a hat.


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