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How To Get Back In Your Workout Zone

22 | 05 | 2018

As the year goes on it’s so easy to lose your exercise mojo. Maybe your new year resolution was to start exercising more? Now you are in a mini-depression, staring at the dusty weights in your room that you bought from eBay and only used for one week. It’s something we are all guilty of doing. We all know we should be exercising and healthy eating, but it’s sometimes it’s hard to stay focused.

How To Get Back In Your Workout Zone

No need to panic, we’ve thought of a few ideas to help you get back in your zone.


1. Finding the one

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Sometimes the reason you might hate working out is that you’re doing the wrong exercises for you and your body. If you want to sweat out all your stress, try something fun like boxing or a HIT class. If they aren’t your thing try something a little more relaxing like yoga or pilates. It’s time to get creative and try different workouts.


2. #NoGoals

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Forget your goals. Yep, we said it, forget the goals you set for yourself or with your personal trainer. As it’s probably been a while since you’ve exercised, those goals will seem further away. It’s time to throw those goals away and just take one workout at a time and focus on motivating yourself.


3. Insta clear out

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Go through all of your social media apps and unfollow the fitness models. When you’re trying to get yourself back on track you don’t need to be seeing crazy chiselled abs and a squat challenge every time you look at your phone. These accounts can be motivating when you’re in your zone but for now, it’s time to focus on you.


 4. Prep

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Prepping the night before is perfect for guilting yourself into going. If you wake up and see your running shoes, sports bra, leggings and water bottle all ready to go, you’ll feel too invested to change your mind. Do you hit the gym after work? Pack your gym bag including a pre-gym snack for some extra added motivation.


5. Phone a friend

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The gym can be so daunting, it’s so easy to feel awkward and completely out of place. So why not tackle it with your BFF, this way if you don’t know how to work out that fancy new weight machine, you’ve got someone there to awkwardly laugh with you. Committing to a workout with a friend is perfect because you’ve got peer pressure working in your favour.

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