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Homeware To Help You Get Organised This New Year

04 | 01 | 2024


New Year. New Goals.

If homeware organisation is on your 2024 to-do list then you won’t want to miss this PLT blog post.


Before we get into the home storage solutions, first let’s take a look at some of the top homeware trends for 2024.

What are the homeware trends for 2024?

#1. Peach Fuzz

Starting off sweet, Peach Fuzz was confirmed for the Pantone colour of the year.

With this we’re expecting to see a whole load of peach and apricot for 2024.

From paint to prints and of course, home décor.


#2. Hot Metals

As featured in Pinterest Predicts 2024, essential elements such as chrome, steel and aluminum are set to be huge when it comes to 2024 homeware.


#3. Cottagecore

Thought you’d seen the last of cottagecore? Not yet!

The TikTok trend has took to homeware and décor for 2024 so expect to see statement florals and bright blooms everywhere for SS24.



Hestia Arched Style Rustic Ceramic Candle Holder

Large Gold Gloss Bear Ornament 28cm

IFrame Wooden Black Poster Frame A3

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So, now we know some of the homeware trends we’ll be buying into, let’s actually make space for them!


If you’ve started off 2024 with a hugeeee wardrobe clear out (like us) then you’ve probably got endless clothes sitting around whilst you’re waiting for the PLT Marketplace sales to come flying in!

Here’s three easy storage options that’ll when it comes to storing your clothes:

Storage Boxes

An obvious one but not so great if you’re questioning, how do you store clothes when you have no space?

Storage Black Drawer Boxes Set Of 2

Storage Cream Velvet Box

Storage Black Fluffy Faux Fur Box

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Vacuum Bags

If stuck for space, vacuum bags work great as you they compress down making them easier to store (usually under your bed or hidden in a cupboard).



Whilst suitcases can be hard to store in themselves, they are a perfect storage option when you’re waiting for those resale orders to come in.

Fold everything and pack away, just be sure you can access the suitcase incase of sales (going to the post office is already a faff so make it as effortless as can be).

lauren conrad packing GIF by The Hills


Looking for more long-term storage solutions? No stress!

Here’s our top tips on how to store your clothes at home:

Similar to above, storage boxes and vacuum bags are great.

We’d recommend sorting your wardrobe seasonally and storing away anything you know you won’t wear.

You know the vibe, summer dresses and swimwear is in storage whilst you wear your outwear, then rotate come Spring/Summer.


What is the best storage for clothing?

Other than the go-to storage boxes and bags, beds with hidden storage areas are a gamechanger. Perfect if you’re stuck for space in a flat too!

Simply lift up the mattress, fold in your clothes and know they’re there for next time you want to wear them.

This is a great option for storing more bulky items like coats, outerwear and even home textiles such as bedding and towels too.


How do you store clothes most efficiently?

If you have a dresser or something with draw storage already, be sure to try out draw dividers. A must for jam packed underwear draws.

Storage 16 Pocket Underwear Divider Charcoal


Finally, why not try out the roll instead of fold method?

A quick Google will talk you through the deets but more space and apparently less creases than folding…

We’re willing to try it!

folding lauren conrad GIF by The Hills


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