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How Malika Haqq Spends Christmas

17 | 12 | 2018

In the countdown to the most loved day of the festive season, we’re catching up with our Brand Ambassador babes to talk all things Christmas. We caught up with Malika Haqq┬áto find out how she spends the holiday season.

How Malika Haqq Spends Christmas


What’s your favourite part of the holiday season?

My favourite part of the holiday season is that everyone is so freaking happy around Christmas. I also love that it is all surrounding the act of giving.


What do you do on Christmas Eve?

I spend Christmas Eve at Kris Jenner’s house with family and friends. This has been my tradition for almost 20 years.



How do you normally spend Christmas day?

Christmas morning is all about the kids. I love to watch my nephews and niece open their presents from Santa (he’s a close friend). I’ve become quite good at assembling toys and throwing away all the trash that comes with it lol.


What’s the dress code? Do you dress up or down?

On Christmas Eve, I dress up. I go for glitz and glamour. However, Christmas morning is more like a comfy pyjama set kind of look.



What’s the best gift you’ve ever given someone?

It’s hard for me to choose the best gift I’ve ever given someone. I always take a thoughtful and personal approach to every gift, so in my opinion, every gift is the best in its own special way.


The one Christmas film you watch every year?

HOME ALONE hands down!! I watch it several times. There isn’t a better Christmas movie to me.



Most magical thing that happened this year?

For me, the most magical thing that happened this year is my best friend gave birth to a healthy baby girl. True is the sweetest and most loving little version of Khloe.


What’s your wish for the future?

My wish for the future is continued success, love, joy and good health for my family.




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