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How To Behave On A Date

19 | 03 | 2019

So you’ve bagged a date after a week or two of text-flirting and now it’s time to bring your A-game.

It’s a minefield out there so follow these tips on how to ensure a disaster-free situation.

This could be your future bae so be prepared to slay!


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How To Behave On A Date


#1. Effort Is Sexy

Yes, we are all talking to 43525 people at one time.

Yes, first dates can be boring.

But you shouldn’t turn up looking a scruff with a streaky tan.

First impressions count so dress to impress and make an effort to show you’re interested.

And if you’re not that interested then you shouldn’t be going anyway. Go hard or stay home.


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#2. Keep It Light

Don’t start going on about your political views and all the exes that have done you dirty.

Also, don’t ask them what they’re looking for/if they want to get married / their mums name.

The conversation should be fun and interesting while giving you a good introduction to their lifestyle and views.

Good Conversation Examples: Do you believe in Aliens? What’s your Netflix binge-watch recommendation? Fave holiday destination?

Bad Conversation Examples: What dating apps are you on? Are you seeing anyone else?


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3. Listen

Don’t just talk about yourself all night.

Make sure you really listen, ask questions and show interest in what they’re saying. That’s how you’ll get to know them.

Make eye contact and look engaged. It’s flirty and fun. Just don’t start a staring competition and look away occasionally.

Or you’ll look like a psychopath.


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#4. Don’t Get Sloshed

Do not overdo it on the frozen cocktails and vomit in his lap.

Easily done but not classy.


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#5. Phoney Girls

Whipping your phone out on a date is not sexy.

You don’t want to appear distracted.

Messaging Susan back about that funny dog meme can honestly wait.


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#6. Honesty is key

At the end of the date make your intentions clear.

If you had a good time say so.  If you didn’t don’t lead them on by letting them think you will see them again.

If you enjoyed it something may come of it. If it doesn’t then oh well, thank u, next.





Now go get dating!


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