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How To Find That Work-Life Balance

28 | 08 | 2018


Sometimes when working in a high demand job, it can take over our lives in and out of the office. Finding that work-life balance isn’t always easy especially when you’re a bit of a perfectionist. So we’ve collected a few tips to help you out get the balance right.


How To Find That Work-Life Balance


Keep the stress of multitasking to a minimum with our 5 effective ways to help you get that work/life balance:


#1 Learn how to let go of things.

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Being a perfectionist can sometimes end in you spending two hours on a 10-minute job. Learn how to let go of perfection when it’s needed. Cut out the things in your life that are stressing you out and just don’t matter. The weight lifted will likely be heavier than you realized and it’ll free up your time for more important things.


#2 Prioritise your time.

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Every morning make a list of your daily work and put them in order of priority. Try to stick to list as much as possible and know when to cut things from your list. At the end of every day think of when you were most and least productive? Are there activities or people in your day that don’t seem to add anything? If so, cut them out.


#3 Speak to someone.

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Asking for help isn’t always easy but it’s good to suck up your pride and reach out to your team, having that extra support can help you be more productive in other ways. If the thought of asking a colleague for help gives you major anxiety, venting to a friend is perfect for getting out any stress.


#4 Exercise.

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Exercise is the perfect way to detach yourself from work both physically and mentally. It helps provide some needed distance between the frenzy of the office and your outside life. If you aren’t much of a cardio queen, try new ways to work out like yoga or swimming for peaceful ways to disconnect from work.


#5 Make plans.

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If you’re in a high demanding job it’s easy to end up all work no play. Make sure out of work hours are planned with whatever makes you happy. Whether you want to revisit a hobby that you’ve had in the past or want to go shopping for much-needed retail therapy.

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