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How To Plan The Perfect Summer BBQ

21 | 06 | 2019

We love us a good BBQ and the warmer weather means we get to have them ALL the time.

But don’t put the ‘Basic Bi*ch’ in B-B-Q and follow these simple tips to sizzle with style.




#1. Fair Weather Friends

The weather is SO unpredictable so BBQs are usually planned pretty last minute.

Check the weather a few days before and if it’s set to be a scorcher get planning.

Get that annoying WhatsApp group chat created and let them know!


the simpsons surprise GIF


#2. Big Miss Steak

It’s 2019 in case you didn’t notice, hun.

That means your Auntie Jenny is a macrobiotic Vegan, Matt is gluten intolerant and your Mum is on the Keto diet.

Make sure you get all dietary requirements so there is something for everyone.

Otherwise, you will be looking more red-faced than your ungrilled burger.


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#3. Turn Up The Heat

Get yourself a sassy new co-ord or dress for the occasion.

BBQ’s are only 50% about the food. The other 50% is looking FIRE and flirting with your hot neighbour.


sassy work it GIF


#4. From Basic To Boujee

Decorate your space and make it feel like a party.

Think about outdoor lighting, candles, seating.

Maybe get fun and festive cutlery in for the occasion.

It will feel much more like a party and people will love the additions.


Image result for fairy light gif


#5. Music

Just because all you listen to is Ariana doesn’t mean everyone else wants to (the weirdos).

Pick a playlist to suit the crowd and make sure it’s eclectic.

Maybe start of a bit slower and gentle before getting on the hard dance anthems.

Save that for when the shots come out.


dance party dancing GIF


And that’s it! Grab your squad and top up your tans!


squad in sync GIF by Maggie Rogers

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