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How To Recognise Toxic People In Your Life And What To Do About It

26 | 10 | 2018

How To Recognise Toxic People In Your Life

And what to do about it.


Draining, difficult, controlling, spiteful – just some of the traits of toxic people. Major bad vibes.

You deserve to surround yourself with people who lift you up and support you 100%.

Follow our tips on how to recognise toxic people and what to do about it to save yourself the drama.

The only Toxic you’re allowed in life is by Britney.


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Types of Toxic People

Me, Me, Me

Ever have a conversation with someone and realise the whole 20 minutes was about them? Can’t get a word in edgeways?

This person loves to talk about themselves and any questions or interest they have in you is purely superficial. Real friends ask how you are and really listen to your answer. Toxic friends get how you are out the way so they can begin their one-man chat show.

If it’s not a mutual exchange it gets boring quickly and it isn’t fair. Like hush hun, I’ve got things to say too Image result for hair flick emoji


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Emotional Vampires

Normal vampires suck blood, emotional vampires suck energy and positive vibes.

Someone who is consistently pessimistic, negative and looking down will flatten your mood. Everyone has periods of feeling low but if it appears their perspective and outlook on life is gloomy non-stop then it’s going to get you down too.

Be careful and note how often they leave you feeling drained and emotionally dependent on you. If it starts getting too often its time to evaluate what they bring to your life.

It’s time to become a vampire slayer girl.


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Drama Queens

Some people just love drama.

The next fight, argument or issue is just around the corner and we can all see its self-inflicted. Once the drama starts they need all your support, time and energy and then they’re gone. You get nothing out of it except for a front row seat at drama central. Save yourself the hassle and get your drama fix on Netflix.


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Liar Liar

Have a friend who exaggerates every story? Hang on, do they flat out make it up?

Run for the hills. You won’t know if you’re coming or going with this one. Is her name really even Michelle?!

Liars take up too much time and a lack of trust leads to an unfulfilled relationship. Genuine connections only, please.


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Don’t Be Jelly

Some people just can’t be happy for other people.

They put you down to mask their jealousy and their self-hate means they struggle to be happy for anyone but themselves.

These insecurities can lead to them gossiping about others or even about you behind your back.

Or it could be a partner who is overbearing. Anyone who doesn’t pay your wages shouldn’t be telling you what to do.

Eventually, it wears you down and you stop believing in your own achievements. And that’s a no-no.

Supportive friends and partners to the front, please.


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What To Do

If you related one or more of these traits to a person in your life than you need to evaluate if they make you feel bad more than they make you feel good.

Friends and partners should be around to enhance your life and make it better, not to give you more stress and drama.

Work out if there has been a pattern of their behaviour and then call them out on it and explain how it has made you feel.

If you don’t see a difference then its time to change your relationship dynamic. Perhaps see them less…or not at all depending on the situation.

Just prioritise your own feelings to ensure you’re ok Image result for apple happy emoji


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