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3 Steps To Toning Down Your Anxiety At Work

24 | 10 | 2018

How to tame the mind monster in 3 steps. Everyone deals with their situations in their own ways, these steps may not be the right steps for some, they’re just here to lend a helping hand.


3 Steps to Toning Down Your Anxiety at Work


Create a playlist that is full of all your favourite relaxing songs and pop your earphones in, what a great way to zone out your surroundings if you’re struggling to concentrate. Drown out those negative thoughts with thoughts about what you’re going to have for tea, what you have planned for the weekend and think about that bubble bath that’s waiting for you after work.


Anxiety at work


#1 Chew your colleague’s ears off

Hands down the most effective step to toning down your anxiety. Don’t keep problems to yourself, and more importantly don’t take on other people’s problems. Speak to the friends sat around you if you’re feeling a little tense, or take 10 minutes with your manager and let them know how you’re feeling. You’re only human and it’s likely everyone around you at some point has felt a little anxiety, or knows someone who has.


Anxiety at work


#2 Keep your phone locked away

Sometimes we need a break from our phones, on average we spend 4 hours a day just scrolling through content and replying to messages. It may be that you’re anxious because he isn’t texting you back? If you give yourself time intervals on when you can use your phone this will stop the constant checking, maybe you could remove your notifications so you are less likely to check your phone? There are so many upsetting issues online at the moment so once you have seen these it’s hard to think straight.


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#3 Lunchtime yoga/gym classes/walks

Yoga is known to help ease the physical discomfort that is caused by anxiety, not only does it help physically but it also helps with anxious thoughts. Exercise in any form reduces pain and stress. If you don’t have access to yoga or the gym then take yourself for a walk, it’s a great way to improve your mood. Remove yourself from your stressful situation and take a time out.


Anxiety at work


We spend most our weeks at work, the best thing you can do is make it the most positive experience you can. It’s only human to have your down days but don’t let it consume you, try whatever steps you can and hopefully you find your helping hand.

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