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Influencers At Longitude Festival

23 | 07 | 2018

We recently headed over to Longitude festival in Ireland to serve up our best festival style with some of our fave Irish influencers. With a day of good vibes, good music and good company – fun was had.

Influencers At Longitude Festival

We caught up with our main three festival babes to catch up on what went down, their Longitude festival highlight and those all important hangover hacks.



What’s your typical festival style?

I think my typical festival style has changed quite a lot in the past year or two. I used to love dressing quite girly and boho wearing flowy dresses or skirts but now I’m all about being comfy. I love trainers, cargo pants, oversized jumpers anything like that. Anything that you style up but still have maximum comfort wearing for the whole day.


Where are you likely to be found hanging out at a festival? 

To be honest you’re likely to find me anywhere with a good Instagram backdrop trying to get the perfect insta picture – Guilty, but other than that you’ll find me on someone’s shoulders right up the front of the crowd singing along to my favorite acts.


Tell us 3 festival do’s and dont’s

Do bring a raincoat.

Do bring a portable charger – you’ll need it.

Do plan what acts you want to see in advance.

Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes. No matter how cute they are.

Don’t wear any clothes that you couldn’t part ways with or would be really upset if something happened to them, because we all know how messy festivals can get.

And don’t get too drunk!


Fave moment from Longitude?

My favorite moment from Longitude was seeing Jcole on the Friday night. I’m such a huge fan of his and love seeing him live so that was definitely my highlight.


Was there a worst?

The worst part of any Irish festival is always the rain. We’re so unlucky with festival weather.


Who was on your line up hit list?

There was so many acts that I wanted to see but my top artists would have been Jcole, Sza, Postmalone, Solange, Travis Scott, Jhus, Giggs and Rejjie Snow.


Tell us your festival hangover hack

I will be curing my hangover by eating lots of junk food all day and cuddling my puppy in bed catching up on Love Island.



What’s your typical festival style?

I don’t really have a typical festival style but I’d usually opt for something comfy and relaxed (not too extra lol).


Where are we likely to find you hanging out at a festival?

Anywhere with cocktails.


Fave moment from Longitude?

My fave moment from longitude was finally getting to see Solange. I am the biggest fan and she exceeded my expectations in every way. I adore her.


Was there a worst?

It’s Ireland so… RAIN.


Who was on your line up hit list?

Solange of course but also Sampha and SZA.


Tell us your festival hangover hack

Cupcakes and Ru Paul’s Drag Race.



What’s your typical festival style?

My festival style is pared back, I know my hair will get crazy so I often opt for a hat but I love a little off the shoulder number.


Fave moment from Longitude?

My favourite moment at any festival is the carefree feeling you get to enjoy with your friends. Festivals are like a little world of their own, a playground filled with great music and great vibes.


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