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Montana’s Best Dating Advice Every Girl Should Know

06 | 09 | 2017
montana brown dating advice

Dating can be exhausting and fun at the same time.

Dating is pretty much a love/hate relationship.

You love it when it’s going well. You hate it when he’s not texting back.

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We know, it’s hard to find a good one and even harder to spot a fuckboy.


We’ve sat down with the queen of the island (Love Island that is) and brand ambassador Montana Brown and talked DATING.

montana brown

Not only has Montana just released her capsule collection with PrettyLittleThing  but this babe has the 411 on why dating often goes wrong.

And who are we to withhold such juicy and lifesaving advice from our PLT babes.


Montana Brown’s Best Dating Advice Every Girl Should Know

Montana believes that playing games is the ending before the beginning. Gals stressing about bae not texting back but when indeed we tend to wait a few hours before replying  to their messages.

Yep, guilty of that.

“Don’t play games, don’t even bother. That is the worst.”

Oh, he’s not texting me back, well you’ve waited three hours, so now there is a game going on.

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“So, I say, screw the game, I always call guys first.

If I’ve got a guy’s number, I won’t text him, I’ll call him.

I hate texting. Sometimes I do voice messages on WhatsApp or call.

I’m not a big texter and that’s where I think a lot of girls go wrong.

They’re trying to play these games. They upload a picture and then see whether he likes it or has he seen my story. Just chill.

Don’t message him for a while and then just ring him in the evening, catch him by surprise and see whether you get along.

And that’s it really.”


Such wise words and yet so simple. So there you have it girls.

Don’t play games and listen to queen M because after all, Montana knows it best <3


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