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11 | 04 | 2023


Introducing PLT Pet Rehome!

We’ve teamed up with UK based non-profit, Dogs4Rescue, the UK’s pioneering kennel-free rescue based in Manchester.

Dogs4Rescue have developed a new approach to dog rescue where their dogs live, play and sleep together as packs while they wait for their forever homes.

Their mission is to rescue the dogs no one else wants.

They save UK pound dogs facing euthanasia, take dogs who are struggling in kennels and rescue dogs in desperate need from around the world.

The frightened ones, the disabled ones and the oldies all find unconditional love here.

Find out more about Dogs 4 Rescue here.


Meet The Puppies

Dogs4Rescue don’t normally take in puppies, preferring to save their spaces for the most unwanted.

But their long-term partners in Bulgaria, Street Hearts BG have been struggling this year with over 40 puppies in their care.

Street Hearts run a neutering program to prevent further litters but so many pups need a home.

Please visit their website for more information here.



Bossy and sassy, Laura lets you know what she wants and when she wants it.

She loves doing enrichment games and playing with her siblings.



Lovable Karly loves a cuddle and being the centre of attention from both other dogs and the people she loves the most.



Sensitive Steve is loving, loyal and playful.

He enjoys training sessions, adores his toys and can often be found digging holes.


Meet The Residents

Dogs4Rescue have twenty sanctuary dogs who cannot be safely rehomed and by happy coincidence this stable group of dogs is core to their incredible ‘pack rehabilitation’ work.

The transformations are miraculous – from broken souls to happy, playful dogs in a matter of days.



An old street dog from Romani who acts as ‘top dog’.

Charming and defiant in equal measure and one of the most loved characters.



An effervescent staffy with a lot of energy.

Milo loves his toys and will shred them with glee.

Most likely to be boisterous and obsessed with food.


Want To Help?

During lockdown Dogs4Rescue crowdfunded 450k to buy their second centre – a Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Retreat they’re calling ‘Rescue World’.

Rescue World is 41 idyllic acres of rolling countryside near Accrington, Lancashire and the phase 1 build is currently underway!

It will create 20 new rescue spaces at a time when the rescue world is experienced an unprecedented crisis, but they need our help they can get to get over the line.

Any donations big or small, Dogs4Rescue’s dogs would be so very grateful.


Shop The Collection

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Shop the entire PLT Pet Rehome collection here.


Find out even more about Dogs4Rescue.


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