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Stay Home – A Guide For The Signs

31 | 03 | 2020

We’ve narrowed down some tips on helping you stay home and stay safe using your sign.

It’s important to get up, get dressed and give yourself a mission for the day.

Planning and routine will help you guide yourself through the day and offer a sense of normality.

Read on for more.


Stay Home – A Guide For The Signs



You’ve always been full of energy, so try the below to put it to good use.

1. Volunteer – if you can, try help your community in little but meaningful ways. Check out for inspo.

2. Exercise – grab whatever equipment (gym or homemade) you have and burn some calories!

Check out the PLT workout schedule for live demos. 

3. Get competitive with a board game or an online version and tame your competitive side.



You don’t mind a slower pace of life, Taurus. But keep yourself entertained with the below.

1.  Discover new music and create a mood-boosting playlist.

2. Get handy in the kitchen and cook a new and unusual recipe.

3. Connect with nature and get planting / refreshing your plants for Spring.



Social and curious Geminis will be feeling a bit stuck rn. Try not to rely too heavily on social media.

1.  Meditate – yes we know it’s not really your thing usually. But you’ll find it calming and it’ll help reduce anxiety.

Check out the HeadSpace or Calm App for help.

2. You like getting hands-on so keep busy with a jigsaw or finally have that wardrobe clear out.

3. Get creative and turn your hand to something new. Learn the basics of a new language or get blogging.



You’re all about family and friends,  Cancer…

1. Get video calling your nearest and dearest to feel comforted and connected.

2. Similar to your Taurus sister, you’ll love getting into a new recipe in the kitchen.

3. Dinner party – combine the above two and host your own video dinner party!



Ever popular Leo, this has been a struggle for you. But…

1. Ignore the stream of texts and calls, focus on reading a book or watching a movie every night.

It’ll calm your nerves.

2. You feel good when you look good. So who cares if you’re not going out, do your hair and make an effort.

You’ll feel great!

3. Get arty – grab some paper and a pencil and sketch away to keep yourself busy. Drawing can be super relaxing. We won’t judge the end result, don’t worry.

If you have kids in the house get them involved too.


You’re all go go go Virgo, but now is the time to take a step back.

1.Try an online yoga session to help with your anxiety and keep you feeling healthy.

2. Focus on a balanced diet. You will regret falling off the wagon so this will be a good side project to keep you busy.

3.  Arrange all your photographs from your smartphone. File and print them – organising stuff is the key to keeping you busy.



You’re all about balance so mix it up with the below.

1. Spring clean! Get cleaning out your personal space and refreshed for Spring. What better time could there be?

2. Hone your artistic side by trying out new beauty/makeup looks. Who said blue eyelids are not for the home?

Ok, maybe not blue.

3. Try an online Barre or Ballet class. The balance between exercise and dance is perfect for you.



You might be feeling overwhelmed Scorpio, but there’s plenty you can do to ease the nerves.

1. Play card games or board games. You’ll enjoy the challenge. A bit of friendly competition is always fun

2. Study something you’ve always had an interest in. Whether it’s the stock market, an online course, languages 0r whatever else.

Picking up new skills is the best thing you can do for yourself.

3. Reconnect. Lost touch with someone over the years? Why not reconnect now?

You’ve never been shy of an awkward conversation so nows your time.



Like Aries, you’ll be feeling locked up but fear not, try the below.

1. Stay offline – sitting on your phone for hours will drive you mad. Use your daily exercise time to do a high energy run or HIIT workout.

2. Read stories about travel and new cultures. Just because you can’t travel there doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new. Plus, think of it as research for when you can actually go.

3. Further your learning with an online course. Check out the free courses on offer at The Open University.



You’re not a fan of idle hands, Capricorn. Try the below.

1. If you can, volunteer. You’ll feel useful and worked and that will keep you in a good place.

2. You have a tendency to be running at ‘low key stressed’ mode all the time right now.

Let out the emotion by doing a vigorous exercise plan.

3. Organise a video quiz night for your friends and family! Wine optional but recommended.



You’ve always been better in your own company than other signs, Aquarius.

Time to shine and show the others how to do it like a pro.

1. You love communicating so keep your social channels updated and get creating Tik Tok content to keep your friends and family entertained.

2. A true-crime documentary is always your go-to so put that Netflix subscription to good use. Soon you’ll be a qualified detective, hun.

3. You have an interest in things otherworldly so learn more about astrology, space or conspiracy theories. You’ll be hooked!



You’re one of the most chilled signs in the zodiac so staying home won’t be bothering you too much.

Check out these ideas.

1. Get some space – your family and friends mean well but sometimes you’ll just need a time out. Go for that walk, or read a book in a quiet corner.

2. You’re a spiritual sign so zen out with some yoga or meditation. Downward dog anyone?

3. Get involved with local volunteers, your warmth will make you the perfect candidate.


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