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The Relationship Red Flags To Look Out For

03 | 04 | 2019

When you’ve just started dating someone, it’s easy to overlook tiny things that might otherwise ring as red flag behaviour. Sometimes you need to remind yourself to take off the rose-tinted glasses before the lenses get dangerously fogged up.

The Relationship Red Flags To Look Out For

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1. They’re Rude

Yesterday it was berating a waiter for taking too long but tomorrow it could be you girl. It doesn’t matter if the guy you’re dating is syrupy sweet to you. If a person is not nice to his or her family, friends or service-provider, he or she simply isn’t a nice person.

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2. Unnecessary Jealousy

Jealousy is something many will experience in a relationship, but when it heads into extreme territory it can turn into a huge problem. Remember, relationships are about trust. It won’t work if he isn’t trusting you.

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3. They Constantly Talk About Their Ex

Making weirdly angry comments about their ex? Still bitter – and not entirely over the previous relationship. Avoid Avoid Avoid.

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4. They Only Want To Hang Out One-on-One

As if your relationship is just a series of cute dates? Seemingly good but don’t get too comfortable because you literally never meet the friends. When someone actually likes and respects you as a person and doesn’t feel somehow bad about being with you, they want to introduce you to other people they like. This is how humans operate.

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5. Your Friends Can’t Stand Them

Okay, personality clashes are a thing, not everybody will get on. But if the vast majority of your social circle are screaming “Don’t do it!” take notice. They have your best interest at heart.

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