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The Ultimate Pre-Workout Snacks

12 | 02 | 2021

Grab the right snack before a work-out and you’ll be full of energy and rearing to go.

We break down the best snacks to keep you full (but not sluggish) before your session.

Put those Booty-Bands down and get snacking!


The Ultimate Pre-Workout Snacks


Apple & nut butter

Smother apple segments with almond butter for a delicious pre-workout snack.

An excellent source of protein and fibre which gives you the boost you need.

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Fruit and yoghurt smoothie

This won’t leave you feeling sluggish and give you an energy hit.

Blend your own using natural yoghurt which is high in protein.

Mix it up by using different berries and add ice for added water content.

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Chocolate Milk


Low-fat chocolate milk is high in protein and the sugar gives you an energy spike.

So good it feels like cheating.

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Nut & raisin mix

In a rush? a handful of almonds and raisins are the perfect pre-workout pick me up.

Try different variations of trail mix to find that you love.

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Grab a high-carb cereal and team with oat milk for a quick, nutritious snack ahead of getting those gains.

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Peanut butter and toast

A workout snack that feels like a treat?

PB and toast provides fibre, vitamins and minerals including potassium and other powerful nutrients.

Level up by adding banana or blueberries.

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