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Things Overheard In A Fashion Office

30 | 08 | 2018

We’ve rounded up 14 of the best, most hilarious and downright unbelievable things you overhear while working in the crazy industry that is fashion, ‘dahling’.

The Best Things Overheard In A Fashion Office


1. ‘I love insta stories – they remind me who I need to unfollow. It’s like GDPR all over again.’


2. ‘Her face is so perfect it’s unreal – I wonder who her surgeon is.’


3. ‘Mercury in retrograde AND a full moon in Aquarius is really messing with my energy today.’


4. ‘The coffee machine has been broken for an ENTIRE day! I just can’t function without my morning caramel cap’ ya know?’


5. ‘I heard he only likes edgy, alternative girls’
‘Am I edgy though? Or do I just have a nose ring??’


6. ‘I really wanted to move out this summer but I spent all my money on fillers and balayage’


7. ”I really loving the Dad trend this season – dad trainers, dad jeans, sugar daddies…’


8. “How are your new shoes holding up?’
‘I think my feet are bleeding, but it’s fine.’


9. ‘So then he said he loved me and I was like – do you really or are you just being influenced by the new Drake album?’


10. ‘If somebody doesn’t get me an IV drip of Diet Coke this instant I might just die’


11. ‘I was SO ready to book a city break but all my cash went on bottomless brunches and Ubers’


12. ‘I was obsessed with the tiny 90’s glasses trend but it gave me serious three blind mice in Shrek vibes’


13. ‘Do you have a business card?’
‘I have Instagram?’


14. ‘I just don’t know how I’m coping since Love Island ended.’


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