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Things That Always Happen At Graduation

29 | 05 | 2019


Final year can feel like a hard slap in the face after a couple of years of non-stop partying.

Waking up with your face in a kebab and deadly hungover is a distant memory.

You’ve stopped stealing traffic cones on nights out and regained some much-needed focus.

And you finally realised where the library is and how good it is.

But forget that! You’ve reached the bittersweet end and now it’s time to wrap it up with one final hurrah – here’s what to expect at your upcoming graduation!



Outfit Crisis

You will go back and forth finding the perfect outfit and shoes.

And then it will be covered up with a big unflattering black gown anyway. But you’ll still feel the sheer panic.

Just remember it’s a room full of parents and teachers. You’re not on the pull.

Just look cute for the photos!


wearing victorias secret GIF


Merchandise Store

You will feel like you’re at your very own concert arena show.

There will be t-shirts, key rings, hoodies, kittens and so on all branded with your name and grad year all over them.

This is the one time you will feel like Ariana Grande.

But check yourself. Get a hoodie and move on. You don’t need a personalised lip balm or socks.


black friday beyonce GIF


Cry Time

Your parents will likely cry. Loads.

You will likely cry. Loads.

Waterproof mascara and lots of tissues on hand, please.


cry crying GIF


Bye Hun

Uni is a place you make life long friends. A solid group that will see you through thick and thin.

But you’ll also have many many people that you were cool with for the last few years but really you probably won’t see ever again.

That’s just life. Wish them well and cherish the memories!

Then 10 years later comment on their Facebook photo of their new baby saying ‘so adorable, hope you’re keeping well Sue xx’


phaedra parks bye felicia GIF by RealityTVGIFs


Say Cheese

Get ready to cheese it up for the cameras.

These photos will be your families pride and joy and be hung up all around the house and on every mantlepiece.

Strike your best pose.


posing uncle rico GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment



Most importantly, enjoy the day! Most people will only get to experience it once in a lifetime.

You’ve done really well to get here so make sure you celebrate!


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