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Things That Always Happen At Spring Break

11 | 02 | 2019

Spring Break bishes! Whether you’re finalising those last minute Spring Break plans or just seriously over winter and counting down to sun-soaked days and dancing ’til dawn with your best girls, we can all relate to the Spring Break feeling, right? Vacay season come at us. We need a break and some sun stat.

Things That Always Happen At Spring Break


Drinking AM and PM becomes the norm. Alcohol for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Sign us up. #Wholesome



Remember that thing you used to like to do called sleeping? Well, forget it. Sleep does not exist during Spring Break. You’ll sleep when you’re dead, right? Which let’s face it after this trip may be sooner than you think.



Every Spring Break trip involves an infamous bad pic of someone that does the rounds on everyone’s news feeds for way longer than we’d like. Let’s face it, social media can ruin lives. Untag and deny, deny, deny.



You’ll find your soul sister/BFF in the girls’ bathroom, sunbathing near you at the beach and put the world to rights with the deepest chat (read: sh*t talk) of your life for hours. “You, like, just get me, you know?” The sloppiness is real.



One of the group always goes missing and turns up the next day safe but with no recollection from the night before. “Where have you BEEN Becky babe?”



There’s always one of the squad that will lose their room key, like a 100 times.



Day drinking means someone will pass out on a sun lounger and get cripplingly sunburnt in the worst way. Sunglasses lines anyone?



You will upload as squad selfie to your Instagram with a caption along the lines of “WOoooO SprjdgngBreajk Bitehces!!!!”



Whether it’s drunk texting their ex, vomming on their own shoes (we’ve all been there), or hooking up with someone questionable, someone always ruins their life.



Someone has a few too many Pina Coladas and gets a little too triggered.



There’s always some creepy guy who won’t take the hint and keeps accidentally on purpose bumping into you all vacation.



Spring Break forever!



And remember; what happens at Spring Break stays at Spring Break.

Stay safe xoxo


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